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Dr Malcolm Kendrick's Blog - the 't' word has been mentioned!!


His latest Blog sees his thoughts on obesity and diabetes. If you scroll down to the comments, specifically the last one for 23rd January 2015, the 't' word gets a mention by him in reply to a post.

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CG, I agree. It would be great to have him on board the Thyroid issue. He brings common sense and cuts through medical c**p. I am reading Doctoring Data.......his latest book and.....believe me......it will get dog eared through constant use. :-)

in reply to LKA-dot

LKA-dot - you're spot on there, excuse the pun!! Am also reading Doctoring Data.

Oh, I wish he would! Come on, Dr Malcolm, pretty please!

I love the review about "Doctoring Data" that says:

'Your doctor can afford to be misinformed. You cannot - that is, unless you don't mind being diagnosed with a previously unknown "disease" ... which was discovered just in time to coincide with development of a new wonder drug ... which was approved based on suspicious data ... from a study designed and run by the drug-maker ... which paid key opinion leaders to sit on a government committee that wrote the treatment guidelines ... which instruct your doctor to prescribe the new wonder drug ... which produces nasty side-effects ... which must be treated with more wonder drugs.'

Yes. Quite.

shaws profile image

I can see that Dr McKendrick doesn't want to be awarded 'Doctor of the Year' by his peers as he does go against the 'popular' beliefs of diagnosing/treating diabetes. As he does with his book 'The Great Cholesterol Con'.

I think quite a few with thyroid gland problems also develop diabetes to it's good to get an honest debate and inform diabetes patients. I particularly like his:-

1. Essentially, insulin is obesogenic. A fancy way of saying that if you produce too much insulin you will become obese. An amazing fact ‘discovered’ in August 2014.

2. Yes chaps, well done. You made a breakthrough discovery of the absolute bleeding obvious. You mean, insulin makes you fat? Well who’d a thunk? Well, lots and lots of people actually. At which point, let me introduce you to the Pima Indians of North America. This race has an almost unbelievably high rate of type II diabetes. It is greater than 50%. Perhaps more. Are they obese, yes? Of course. However, of greater interest is that Pima Indians, long before they become obese and/or diabetic, produce far, far, more insulin than any other race.

Dr McKendrick doesn't mind his 'ps and 'qs' he tells it as he really sees it.

One of the responses to the above article:

After 60 years in research this loss of scientific integrity to Money and Status reminds me of the totally closed minds of fanatical ISIS followers.

I hope those in charge don't start to haul him before the GMC too.

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Jazzw in reply to shaws

My worry too, Shaws. But I think he's doing what he does in quite a clever way. He's using research against the research, if that makes sense?

As my recent posts have probably revealed ;-) obesity is quite a touchy subject for me. I know that I don't eat enough to be as fat as I am. I am not deluding myself - I'm the sort of person who always says sorry first when someone bumps into me - I have a tendency to take the blame for something that isn't my fault. And for years, I did exactly what the medical establishment said I should to lose weight, only to wind up more unfit and fatter than ever.

I know that eating lower carb makes me feel better, it's just tricky to do 100%. Only the other day I was at a training event where lunch was provided - nothing but sandwiches on offer.

shaws profile image
shawsAdministrator in reply to Jazzw

You may not be on sufficient thyroid hormones to raise your metabolism re weight.

It would be entertaining if Dr M would write about diagnosing, TSH and the rest and also the persecution of doctors who prescribe/diagnose by the patients' symptoms as well as blood tests.

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greygoose in reply to shaws

He'd certainly sell a lot of books on that subject, shaws!

in reply to Jazzw

It wasn't that long ago that we were told to eat low fat but high carbs. We trust those we think know best but that's been blown out of the water!

shaws profile image

Dr McKendrick was a guest speaker at the Conference in October, and talked about his book 'The Great Cholesterol Con' and as we know many members have had a higher cholesterol due to their thyroid gland misbehaving but the first thing we may be offered is statins instead of a decent dose of thyroid hormones and it would then reduce naturally as it is hypo which is the cause not what we eat. They don't know that a higher cholesterol level is a clinical symptom of hypo.

Marz profile image
Marz in reply to shaws

Also as he says in his latest book - when he first qualified - cholesterol was considered high at 7.5. Slowly they keep lowering it until soon it will be 4 - which according to Kendrick means that everyone will need Statins. Nice little earner :-) It is the same with levels for blood pressure. They keep lowering the level so more and more people need a drug. SCANDAL :-(

Just had two highly intelligent pals for lunch - both on Statins. Think they think I am as mad as a box of frogs :-)

nightingale-56 profile image
nightingale-56 in reply to Marz

Is there anywhere it says what Dr Kendrick thinks BP should be please Marz?

Marz profile image
Marz in reply to nightingale-56

Will have to have re-read and let you know if there is anything there :-)

nightingale-56 profile image
nightingale-56 in reply to Marz

Also think the same has been said about blood glucose levels, but can't remember what the levels used to be only that now they are about 5.

Marz profile image
Marz in reply to nightingale-56

We are in full swing with the Greek Election - we have a new Left Wing party ! So will pick up book soon :-) Have you looked at Kendrick's website - there is an excellent blog with lots of comments. Maybe there are some clues there - just tap in his name :-)

Marz profile image
Marz in reply to Marz


Hey look - blood pressure essay at the bottom :-)

Spareribs profile image
Spareribs in reply to Marz

I think he didn't take much notice of it in the Cholesterol con book - which I've lent to someone..... grr.....

Pity TSH range levels don't decrease - I might have been treated years ago on 5!

There was a USA Endo paper & new a TSH 3.5 upper limit - but too many would be Hypo so back to 5. - Guess even Levo/synthroid doesn't earn like statins. :(

Marz profile image
Marz in reply to Spareribs

...too much to be earned from the many side-effects of under-treated thyroid ? AD's - Statins - Pain Relief and so on....

These are two articles in which Dr Kendrick refers to Essential Hypertension.



I think it is clear that your question isn't an easy one!

greygoose profile image
greygoose in reply to humanbean

I love this man!

Wish I'd know all this many years ago. All this time I've had doctors and nurses going on about my 'high' blood pressure, when it wasn't even that high at all! And giving me the dreaded Beta Blockers which just make me so ill. Never again!

Must get down to reading Medical Data' which is sitting on my bed-side table just waiting...

shaws profile image
shawsAdministrator in reply to Marz

I think most people would if they met us, we either talk about the thyroid gland, or ask if they've been tested. As you say, there are lots of people of statins just for being slightly high. The more we are undiagnosed the higher the cholesterol.

Marz profile image
Marz in reply to shaws

:-) :-(

Clutter profile image
Clutter in reply to Marz

Lol, Marz. Statins haven't fried their little grey cells then :-D Interesting times in Greece with the new Government :o

Marz profile image
Marz in reply to Clutter

Fortunately the new leader was born in Crete - so we are hoping to pull in some favours ! Not holding my breath. :-)

LKA-dot profile image
LKA-dot in reply to Marz

Marz........ smile and don't worry........ remember when people believed the world was flat! Frogs win every time :-)

He is always a good read. And yes, it would be interesting to see what he makes of the thyroid world. PR

Thanks for posting, CG. Dr. K is always informative, controversial and entertaining. His is one of the few blogs where I find the comments interesting and informative too. Roll on the day he takes on the TSH fascists.

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