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help with test and ndt

I was losing hair on synthroid and always had low normal ft3 so changed to nature throid.....

7/15 synthroid t4 meds 100mcg

tsh 1.48 (.45-4.5)

ft4 1.48 (.82-1.77)

ft3 2.7 (2.-4.4)

10/12 1 grain nt nature throid

tsh 5.62 (.45-4.5)

ft4 .98 (.82-1.77)

ft3 2.8 (2.-4.4)

vit d 56.3 (30-100)

ferritin 68 (15-150)

11/30 1.5 grains nature throid

tsh .29

ft4(.82-1.77) 1.0

ft3 (2.-4.4) 2.8

for 4 plus years have always tested negative for antibodies.....yearly

age 54 menopausal on progesterone and estrogen

take multi daily,b complex, turmeric, omegas, enzymes, vit d w k2, protein shakes

what is going on...I take one grain am and half pm 4 hours later

don't eat within 30 min and take away from vitamins

took test next morning after meds not to elevate falsely since t3 goes into blood streamfast..

I have slowly gain 30 pounds in 4 years, my hair started falling out when put on synthroid bec dr didn't like ndt 1.5 years ago and finally started loosing mass amount when wet hence ft4 and ft3 always low on synthroid too....serum iron 68, vit d 56 , always take b complex to keep bs up, and I am really nervous what in the world dr is going to say or do bec she is not that wise to begin with with thyroid.....

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You probably need more Nature Throid. 1.5 grains is not a high dose - many need more than 2 grains, with a significant number taking 3 grains plus.

I know people say that 1 grain is equivalent to 100mcg of Levo - and theoretically it is - but it doesn't seem to work out like that in practice.

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1 grain of NDT can be between 75 to 100mcg of levo. You increase the dose every 2 weeks by around 1/2 grain until you feel well. When we have a blood test the gap should be 24 hours between the last dose of hormones and the test. Take meds after it. It should be at the earliest and fast also (you can drink water). If you've not had a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these too. Alwasy get a print out of your results with the ranges.

Remember it may have taken years for us to finally be diagnosed as hypo and this is a comment made by another Admin to a member. Remember it's taken years for us to be diagnosed.

You're not supposed to *feel* anything when you take T3 or any other thyroid hormone, it's not a stimulant. The gradual replacement of low thyroid hormone over a period of weeks and months is what improves low thyroid symptoms."

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thank you...I am just hoping my hair stops falling out when wet....I have ferritin serum at 68....wonder if it should be higher...? but vit d and b12 are ok


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