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I am going to see my private Endro. on Saturday & little confused about the latest blood test results. ( September tsh 4.03 Ft4 13. taking naturethriod.) She requested vitamin blood tests to be done.I did have issue with b12 ferritin & vit d, & told to stay off meds for 2weeks she also changed meds to levo. October 19th. I needed to have a blood test done & at the same time they done thyroid tests (To which I was unaware.)(Results.Oct.19th tsh 1.90. Ft4 15 on taking 2 weeks of 25mcg levo.) Nov 23rd. Tsh 2.69. Ft4 15 on taking 5 weeks of 50mcg ) The tsh gone up Ft 4 the same.

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It is helpful when you post your results if you could also state the ranges - the figures in brackets. The reason is that labs throughout the country use different machines thus the different ranges and it makes it easier for members to comment.

25mcg was an extremely low amount to prescribe if you were already on thyroid hormones (NDT) and 50mcg is a starting dose which obviously wasn't sufficient for you as your TSH has risen again. The aim should be a TSH of around 1 or lower but some Endos think that as long as you're somewhere in range that's fine but it isn't.

I hope she raises levo by another 25mcg mcg. If she's not done Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done (probably GP does these but we can be deficient which can also cause symptoms).


Thank you for your reply. Lab ranges (tsh 0.0 - 5.0. Ft4 8.- 19.) When I was on ndt I had a little issue due to bad shakiness & sweating. Was told to stop med's.So 2 weeks later at my endro. app. was then mentioned to have iron & vitamins tested yes they were low range. (That maybe what caused the issue with ndt.)

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