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Please recommend a good endocrinologist in Southampton

Hi All,

Can you recommend a good endocrinologist in Southampton or Hampshire area please?

Best if it will be endocrinologist I can see from Bupa.

My short story below.

I'm was diagnosed with underactive thyroid and Hashimoto 1,5 years ago. However I think I suffer form it for much longer. I was going to the GP and complaining how I feel for around 3-4 years before I was diagnosed. Fed up with the GP I finally went to my home country (Poland) and did some blood tests and have seen an endocrinologist privately. Since then I saw him every 6 months and had my blood test checked and levothyroxine dose adjusted. And felt much better!

Recently I got pregnant (hurray!!!) and the endocrinologist said I need to check my TSH and FT4 levels every four weeks to have the levo dosage adjusted. I have done the first test privately in the UK and the TSH was 0.5 and FT4 was well below the range, I have spoken to endo and he recommended to increase the levo dose to 100mg (from 75mg) and check the hormones level after next 4 weeks. He said that the TSH with pregnancy can be false low because of other hormones in the body.

Four weeks passed and I went to my GP to have it checked. I was told she can't check FT4 levels as to do this blood test I need to be referred by the specialist (she can't refer) and this is nothing what they would do in any thyroid hormones check at pregnancy check, she said they check just TSH. Not sure why, as the FT4 is the free thyroid hormone in the body...

My endo said it is dangerous for a baby brain development to have low FT4 levels and this is very important to monitor. Unfortunately I can't travel to Poland to do the blood tests and see my private endo every 4 weeks as I'm working full time.

Please recommend a good GP or a good endo.



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Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm sorry NHS monitoring isn't as good as you would get in Poland. Perhaps you could order your own thyroid blood tests and send the results to your endo in Poland. You can order home test kits via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin... Medichecks offer #ThyroidThursday discounts.

If you want to see a UK Endocrinologist email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org for a list of member recommended endocrinologists. You will have to check with BUPA whether they are on BUPA's approved list.

NICE recommendations state that hypothyroid women who become pregnant should be referred to an endocrinologist so you might want to show your GP this link cks.nice.org.uk/hypothyroid...

BTA guidelines recommend TSH of pregnant women should be in the low-normal range 0.4 - 2.5. It is assumed from this that FT4 will be in the upper range but as you've found this isn't necessarily the case.

Management of primary hypothyroidism: statement by the British Thyroid Association Executive Committee

13. The serum TSH reference range in pregnancy is 0·4–2·5 mU/l in the first trimester and 0·4–3·0 mU/l in the second and third trimesters or should be based on the trimester-specific reference range for the population if available. These reference ranges should be achieved where possible with appropriate doses of L-T4 preconception and most importantly in the first trimester (1/++0). L-T4/L-T3 combination therapy is not recommended in pregnancy (1/+00).


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Hi Cutter,

Thanks for your reply it is much appreciated.

I will definitely look at the private testing in the UK and email Louise re the recommended endocrinologist list. Hopefully someone will be Bupa approved, as this is paid in my workplace anyway and I never got to use it. I have got a referral to endocrinologist from my GP, but I'll need to go private as NHS waiting list is long, I was told.

Thanks for all your advice once again,



Their is a good private Endo in Gosport but not sure what his name is

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hi Reallyfedup, thanks for your comment, if you would remind yourselfe the name of this good endo in Gospot I would be gatefull for a message. Thanks. Karolina


I'd be interested to know the name too if you remember it as I live in Gosport and it might be handy for future reference! I had a good NHS endo but the waiting list is so long now that a private on standby would be useful ☺


will try and find it for you

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Hi Karolina. I've messaged you ☺


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