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Is there anyone here that has had RA and is currently taking Thyroid-S ? I had RA about 8 years ago and have been on 125mg of Synthroid since, without any improvement. Actually I have acquired worsening of symptoms as the years go by. I'm interested to know if Thyroid-S is just a T4, T3 or a combination of both. Are you supposed to stop taking other meds like Synthroid altogether? I have researched it, but still can't find much info on it. Is Thyroid-S a NDT or is it just used as a supplement?

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Hi Hypoplexed, I had radio active iodine (RAI) in 2003, is that what you mean by RA? If so, started on Thyroid-S in mid August 2015 and I find it very acceptable; even though, I over medicated but did a 4-day flush out (no thyroid s) and lowered the dose. (As recommended by some very lovely, knowledgeable members on this forum) I live in the USA and doctors here don't care much and/or don't know how to treat thyroid patients.

After RAI was on Synthroid to no avail and found a doctor that prescribed Armour Thyroid. Armour was reformulated back in 2009-2010 and never felt good after that so decided to self medicate without regrets. Took last dose of previous thyroid medication and the next day started Thyroid-s. Hope this helps you some.


RA is usually Rheumatoid Arthritis on this forum.

(When it is not a reference to the admin known as RedApple. :-) )

But it is not 100% clear!


Yes it does. Thank you Fran777


Yes it does. Thank you


Thyroid S is NDT, a combination of T4/T3, it is classed as a supplement in Thailand, that is why it is easy and legal to purchase from Thailand.

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Thank you Coopsie


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