A few months ago I ordered Thyroid S and have tried taking it twice but feel horrendous on it! I just wondered if anyone else had the same experience? I did have Naturethroid before and felt good on that so will give it a try again. I just can't stick on Levothyroxine as feel like my whole body is sort of drying up and I'm living half the life I used to as I can't be bothered! Had an unsuccessful appointment with an endo a week or so ago who said the usual that everyone seems to be told and refused to prescribe NDT.

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  • How are your levels of B12 - Ferritin - Folate - VitD ? So often reported here that thyroid meds do not work well if the levels of the above are low in range .....

  • Thank you. I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea! I will ask for blood test results and see if that tells me about B12!

  • ..... and the Ferritin - Folate and VitD :-)

  • Thank you. It's a lot to learn but learn I must as the doctors don't seem too bothered!

  • is the only way ...

    The above link takes you to the main website of this Forum where you will learn everything you need to know about the thyroid - testing - vitamins and so on. Information is power - so read on .....

    Many of us who have found wellness have done it by reading and learning - following or at least trying out the advice given here. It can be a long journey - and bumpy at times - no instant results :-)

  • I felt very unwell on thyroid S. Have you tried thiroyd? This was better for me ( but at higher doses gave me tinnitus), felt quite warm and energetic. Quite cheap too. Now on levo, lio combo.

  • I haven't, no. I'll keep a note of it. Interesting you felt unwell on it too. It's a bloody minefield trying to get it right!! Thanks for that.

  • I felt worse on Thyroid S but suspect I have increased too much and too fast.

  • It's difficult to know the correct dosage. Am on my own with it as docs won't or can't prescribe and the endo said he definitely would not prescribe it.

  • I felt unwell on Thyroid S as it increased my depression and muscle pain. I tried it twice to be sure and it happened both times.

  • So disappointing, isn't it? It wasn't muscle cramps but I did feel depressed and just horrid on it.

  • I started taking it at the end of Nov after having been on Levo. I had been supplementing iron, Vit B12 and Vit D prior to starting as these being optimal seem to be a precursor to it working well. I also take selenium and magnesium.

    The first time I took it (1 grain) I felt a rush I think from the T3 but that went after a day.

    I gradually increased to 2 grains and initially at that level I felt odd - heart palps etc, but because I'd had something similar when I started taking Levo I persevered and it went after a couple of weeks. I think sometimes it takes a while for your body to adjust and now I feel fine on it.

    I don't know that it works for everyone, but I would maybe confirm you are optimal with vitamins and iron / ferritin before giving up on it completely.

  • I'm glad to hear you've managed to suss your dosage and are feeling fine on it. I think you're right, I need to go and ask for my blood test results and check everything out. Thank you!

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