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Advice lease about test results

Hi, just telephoned gp receptionist who tried her best to give me my latest blood results.

Tsh 0.01 (could not tell me the range

T4 16.3( range 9.0-21.0)

T3 1.4 ( range 0.9-2.5)

Ft4 16.3

She advised me to discuss with the doctor next week and she was totally confused about me asking for the numbers!

My ferritin is 25, kept low due to

I take 100mg t4 and 10mg t3

I also had adrenal stress test done recently

29.11 range 7.45-32.56

18.71 range 2.76-11.31

10.60 range 1.38-7.45

5.50 range 0.83-3.86

Shea 0.40 range 0.25-2.22

Dhea 0.30 range 0.25-2.22

I have had full thyroidectomy in 1988. Feel really bad at the moment so any advice would be most welcome.

I have started to take adrenal concentrate 100mg and also ad cal d3, vita, selenium

Thank you in anticipation

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Why is your ferritin kept low? You didn't complete your sentence.

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I am hypothyroid and I do feel very sorry for people who have had their thyroid glands removed when they're only prescribed levothyroxine.

I see you have also had T3 added to your T4, but the T3 at 10mcg is extremely small and the most up-to-date info is:-

Dose Selection in T3/T4 Study RCTs

The second logical basis for a conclusion is the actions taken, i.e., the doses given to the subjects. Most subjects received T3 below its adult starting dose of 25 mcg/day. The subjects in RCTs received T3 in some ratio to the withdrawn T4. The various RCTs used T4:T3 ratios of 14:1, 10:1, and 5:1. Subsequent research by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) found the therapeutic equivalence was 3:1. Thus, most of the subjects were under treated with the T3/T4 combination. In light of the NIH finding, the conclusion that T3 therapy is never needed is invalid.

This is a link with the whole article and the above excerpt is on page 80.

For over 20 years you've not found an adequate dose which makes you feel well so I would approach your doctor and ask for a reduction in T4 and an increase in T3 and I do hope you feel much better.

Your TSH is fine although some doctors are only interested in the whereabouts of the TSH and yours might say it is too low. Don't be persuaded: some members need a suppressed TSH and the receptionist will soon get used to ask for blood test results as more of us are requesting them so we can find a way through the maze and get some quality of life.

Some of our members even have been forced to self-medicate which isn't ideal but are pleased when they feel well again.

Ask your GP, if you haven't had an up-to-date test for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate test and post your results.

When your next test for your thyroid hormones are due, make the earliest appointment and fast and leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the blood test. This is because it has been found that the TSH is highest then and the GP wont adjust thyroid meds due to the TSH alone.


Ferritin is way too low so theres no way you can convert the t4 in levo into the t3 your cells are screaming for hence why your TSH has increased

you need iron plus at least 2000mg vit c 4 hours away from thyroid meds

And you need T3 only in a lot more than mere 10mcg

Because you had a thyroidectomy its likely in the end you will only respond to NDT


Thank u all for replying, so kind.

My ferritin is kept so low due to venesection for haemochromatosis. Although it is never usually this low as the hospital try to keep me around 50. I have been told not to take vit C as this helps bind iron. So I am between a rock n a hard place with 2 chronic illnesses!

I actually have a degree n post grad quals but I am having difficulty stringing 2 intelligent sentences together!

I actually dropped my t4 to 50mg and increased my t3 to two doses of 10mg for a few days last week but I felt worse. I thought I was going to pass out! So I went back up the usual.

I have bought thiroyd from Thailand but a bit afraid to take the jump!

Can I ask members would a combination of t4, t3 and the thyroid be ok?


Ps I am asking my husband to go through your reply Shaws, as I have terrible brain fog! Thank you for taking the time to answer my post


Sorry Shaws - told you I have brain fog- I did fast n did not take any meds until after I got home from the doctors


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