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private blood test results

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i had the test done privately because my GP is only allowed to get tests for TSH, not even T4, and i have never had my T3 done till now,

my results are: TSH: 3.590-(0.270-4.200)range

T4: 16.3-(12-22)range

T4: 3.8-(3.1-6.8)range

my TSH is higher than it used to be, i have an appointment with Endo on Thursday, and going to take these results along, but my GP, said not to expect to much as he works with the strict NHS guidelines, i wouls appreciate if anyone could give me their views on these results and also would it be useful for me to take something like nutri thyroid ? not sure how to get my results to their optimum so i can feel as best as i can, i also have fibro and COPD, thanks in advance for any thoughts.

p.s i am getting symtoms such as aches and pains, hot/cold sweats the same as before i started treatment, just over 2 years ago,

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Hi I gather you did not pick the Endo? Usually best to research first yourself. However, you may be lucky, take those results with you. On those you should definitely have some T3 along with the T4 ( levo) if on treatment. If not and Endo not as one would wish, she may just start you on T4 ( Levo) which may be sufficient. if unlucky ,she will not do anything. However, in any case she should at least do the other relevant tests. Just remember if not a successful appointment, you can always ask for a new referral for an Endo of your choice, careful research and Louise has a list. Never have a thyroid test after taking thyroid meds or Beta Blockers ,that morning ( Take them later).

I would also take a list as a prompt for yourself, of all the symptoms, lets hope he listens.

I hope it goes well.

Best wishes,


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susie59 in reply to Jackie

thanks for your help Jackie, your right, i didn't pick the endo, and from what i have heard, he doesnt usually prescribe T3, i am on levo, and think from all i have learned on here that you are right, i just hope i can afford some T3 or find out where to get it from and learn the doses? it is all such a worry, especially as everything on blood test say's "in range" and thats all thet go on!

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Jackie in reply to susie59

Yes, years ago when I first had treatment, now known to be Hashimoto, the 3 tests were always done. I was treated solely then on my very low FT3 even though there was no T3,TSH always been immeasurable. Now treating so much better with T3, if needed but tests, another matter, cost.

I hope you soon feel better, If needed T3 is wonderful.


I'm tempted to go private is it expensive. My doc only tests tsh

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susie59 in reply to Thyroidmeg

the blood test i had cost £99. all together, using the discount from being a member of thyroid uk, and i had the blood drawn at a local private hospital, my doc only does tsh also now, but used to do T4 as well, its a nightmare! good luck,

I am not medically trained, but it looks to me that you need a dose increase in your levo... in the NHS guidance (now hosted by NICE) it says:

"If the person does not feel well with TSH in the upper half of the reference range (2.5–4.5 mU/L), then it is reasonable to aim for a TSH in the lower reference range (0.4–2.5 mU/L). For example, by increasing the levothyroxine dose by 25 micrograms daily or on alternate days."

Make sure you look at that page, because it's contradicted on another page (sigh).

Since your system is relying entirely on conversion from T4 for your T3, you need more T4 in your system in the first place than you would do if your thyroid could contribute some more of the T3. That means T4 needs to be higher in the range than you might expect, in order to bring your T3 up.

And if that doesn't make you feel better, it's time to get your vitamin/mineral levels checked to see if that's stopping conversion, and/or ask for some T3.

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poing in reply to poing

Link is a bit wonky, so from there you need to click on "prescribing info" and then "start dose and titration".

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susie59 in reply to poing

thanks very much for link and advice poing, yes, i did get an increase in my levo about 9/10 weeks ago, up from 150/125 taken alternate days, to 150 taken every day, and i know i am not right, i take B12, D3, and omega3. I am really going to have to try and get some advice from this site and try and get some T3 myself etc, i just want to be the best i can be, i am hoping the endo will be ok with my having my private blood test to show him, i don't want to rub him up the wrong way! its so annoying, we shouldnt have to be doing things this way!

My thyroid nurse says converting perfectly fine and vitamins fine. She hasn't ever checked anything but tsh . Maybe she has magical powers ?

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susie59 in reply to Thyroidmeg

you are so right, she can't possibly tell by that!

My thyroid nurse says converting perfectly fine and vitamins fine. She hasn't ever checked anything but tsh . Maybe she has magical powers ?

susie, comparing your T3 to T4, it looks as if both are equally low in range. If you are having symptoms, you have plenty of room to go upwards toward the higher end. Tell your doctor that these are not optimal levels for you since you still have symptoms and you must insist on allowing to have an increase until you get rid of symptoms and you will still be in range.

Your TSH also is still in range but may not be optimal for you and you do have room to reduce your TSH level as well. Hold your ground as most doctors like to see scores such as you have right now even if you don't feel well.

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susie59 in reply to Heloise

thank you so much for the advice Heloise, i think you are so right, i begged my GP to refer me to an endo, and i see him tomorrow (thurs) but my GP said, don't expect too much! my GP would like to do more i think, but say's he is bound to stick to the practice's guide lines, i will let you know how it goes tomorrow, Best Wishes,x

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Heloise in reply to susie59

Well, it's melarky because you WILL STILL be in the practice's guide lines and ask him if they have right to keep you feeling unwell??????? while staying in the practice's guide lines. I wish I could go with you! Stay strong, lol.

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