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Feeling hopeful after GP visit

I went to see my GP yesterday, armed (mentally) with lots of info from this site and books I've been reading. I also had a folder with all the copies of my blood test results going back 4 years!!

Luckily for me my TSH is very low and therefore 'out of range', this means the lab tests my T3. So far the doc has always gone along with me refusing to reduce my Levo as my symptoms were still there.

This time I said that, over the last 18 months or so my symptoms have worsened and please could I try T3 or NDT for a while, say 6 months, to see if I felt any better. He was genuinely interested and told me I wasn't the first person to ask to go on one of these alternatives, sometimes successful, sometimes not BUT, before I make any changes he wanted to check all the mineral levels and iron etc. I also asked him to chuck in a coeliac test (my sister is coeliac and I know it runs in families) which he did.

Looking at my results he noticed that, over the last 2 years, my T4 has gone up - it's now top of range- while my T3 has gone down! I said maybe there's a conversion problem??

I go back to see him after half term so I'll update then.

I feel quite pleased that he listened and quite openly said it wasn't an area he knew much about (the T3 & NDT) but he's willing to listen and try things - hooray!!

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That is fantastic! I am so happy for you!


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