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Brilliant GP visit

Just thought I would share - I have just got back from a very positive appointment with my GP. He is my named GP but I usually see other doctors in the practice who have dismissed me for ages. This GP took the time to go through my blood results and we sat and discussed thyroid treatment and the general ignorance of the medical profession! He knew all about T1 and T2 and agreed that nature would not have evolved to have this if it was not necessary somewhere in the body!

He was worried about my high antibody level but did not know what to do about it as my other results were fine. I suggested I could start NDT and explained that I had read about all the benefits on this site. He said he would check out the site as he knew he did not know enough, and would be interested in finding out more!!!!

He asked me if I would be willing to buy the NDT and then come back in 6 weeks for him to test the blood as he would be very interested in the results.

So off to find out where to buy. I floated out of that surgery - not only had I been listened to, my point of view understood and help promised in the future. Now to try and unfix the huge grin that seems to have got stuck on my face!

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So nice to hear that you have been supported by your doctor. Its great to hear. It's also great that you have sparked an interest in the thyroid subject for him. Hopefully he will maybe read some of the questions and answers on here to and pass the information on to other doctors in the practice. I think sometimes people think that they have their qualifications so there is no need to study anymore but in life every day is a school day. Thumbs up to your doctor :)


I'm exactly the same.. We are very lucky! :-)

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That's great news - an open-minded doctor. (Maybe he has a relative with a condition!)

As the BTA have made false statements about NDT, this article refutes all of it. Considering as well it has been in use since 1892 without apparent problems and patients made well I think that's sufficient.


Serenfach, nice you didn't get the usual uninformed rubbish about NDT being dangerous and unstable because it isn't licensed in the UK. If you say how much Levothyroxine you are taking members will guide you how to transition to NDT.

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So refreshing to read this why cant all doctors be like this

All the best in the new journey hoping for a full recovery

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