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endo visit

today i saw the endo i paid privately for. he said everything is fine as bloods came back fine. Tsh 0.68 (range 0.3-4.5) and T4 18 (range 10-22). i know i should be grateful but i still have sleepless nights and low moods. what concerns me most is no-ones tested for iron and B12 or any other tests. i also asked about a thyroid scan as i have hashimotos he said i wouldnt need it. iam just wondering if i should play things by ear or push for more tests etc. i am 60 years old.

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Joyce59, TSH and FT4 look good but there is room for a dose increase to raise FT4.

Low/deficient ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate can cause low mood. If you can't persuade your GP to test you can order private tests from Blue Horizon, Genova and City Assays via BH Comprehensive 10 includes FT3 and some vits/mins.

if you ask a private endo to order tests, you'll have to pay for the tests as well as the endo's fee. It's really only necessary to have an ultrasound scan if you have a goitre or palpable nodules. The u/s will measure the thyroid gland, size of goitre &/or nodules and note the texture of the thyroid. Hashimoto's patients usually have a small coarse texturedthyroid gland.

Supplementing magnesium before bed can relax and promote sleep. Look for any magnesium except oxide which isn't easily absorbed. Magnesium oil spray and Epsom salt baths before bed are also good.

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thanks clutter i think my daughter has some magnesium so will try that i think maybe its the lack of sleep making me feel down and wondering where it will end.


joyce, insomnia is a nightmare. I hope you get some sleep tonight.


me too clutter as iam working tomorrow. i dread the thought of 6 more years in work as i now cannot get a pension till iam 66.


Try Natural Calm magnesium drink during the evening. It's excellent. You can buy it on Amazon.


Do you have gut symptoms - bloating/gas, reflux etc? (It would be surprising if you didn't have some absorbtion problem going on somewhere...)

I bet you are right and it is residual deficiencies which are causing your symptoms.


I have been hypo and hyper in my 68 year long experience of thyroid disease. I am curently at .26 TSH. I can't seem to regulate my levels. I am on 60 mg of Armour right now. If I take less, eventually go hypo. If I take more, go hyper and that is after 80% removal at 13 years and an RAI 13 years ago (zapping thyroid with radiation). However, I feel fine. I take B12 (1/2 of a 1500 to 2500 pill every morning. Don't take later because it might keep you awake. Look into sleep help books like, "Say Goodnight to Insomnia." I followed the instructions for 6 weeks and it has really helped. I don't eat meat, eat as many veggies as possible, caffeine only on special occasions only in the am. Don't get hung up on levels and keep a positive attitude.


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