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Hi ,

Have been to the hospital today and the endo now wants to test for Acromegaly ,has anybody had this test done ?

Also he thinks I may have sleep apnea ,he has arranged for me to have an app; for the chest clinic .

Im going for blood tests on thursday ,fasting,for OGTT +growth hormone and GH(i think ).He said that my thyroid results are fine and wonders if this could answer some questions as to why I have still not felt well and to the sweats and the pain in my hands they are so stiff and painfull also could relate to chronic back pain !!Im so fed up I just want some answers now and even though I dont want it to be these things I just want to feel well again ,sorry for so many questions and I know that you may not be able to answer them ,I thank you all for your support .Jan xx

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Hi ,I take it that no one know about Acromegaly or sleep apena as no replys !!!


I don't know about the conditions you mention but I just had a similar experience with my very first (and last as she discharged me) visit to an endocrinologist. She asked me to tell her the symptoms I was still experiencing and some that were the basis of my original basis. She claims that at least five of them are not related to thyroid particuarly the breathlessness that I live with on a daily basis and after examining my abdomen said she would refer me for a scan for fluids. Now I am ok with this but I am left very confused because some of the symptoms she said are not thyroid symptoms are know as classic thyroid ailments.

I just don't understand all this, it's like they want to pass the buck but WHY? as some of the tests they refer you on for must cost the NHS more than if they changed or increased your thyroid meds.



They are not all the same ,mine is at least trying to find out what maybe wrong,just everything takes so long to get done !!But it is funny how they say not every thing is related to your thyroid and then you read of someone else with the same as you ,don't make sence that dies it ?

Anyway I hope you get the correct help soon.

best wishes Jan

P.s One of my blood test are fine ,just the one's sent to London not back yet .


Sorry nanniejan - didn't see your post

Just thought I'd try to help, but I know nothing! except my Dad had acromegaly - leaky pituitary (well excessive growth hormone) which enlarged feet, hands & other stuff. He had killer headaches, but was treated with a fortnightly injection and felt fine for years. They saw it by chance on an xray of his head, and the doc noticed he had spongey hands.

Personally I think there's a bit of a co-incidence between pituitary problems and thyroid. I also have a friend with sleep apnea and has had a c?ap machine (brain fog sorry) but it definitely helps her.

All the best Jane x


Hi nanniejan,

sorry your not feeling good, just thought I would tell you that I also suffer with really painful hands so your not alone,chin up!! Ihave this pressure over my left eye plus they feel so dry and gritty. Hope you get some answers soon. regards wakeham


Thanks so much to every one who replies ,today I feel really so ill i cant begin to tell you,one second I'm having a massive sweat then I'm freezing cold ,i have a sore throat tender all over my hands are so painful and what with my back pain ,i just feel so sorry for my self and want some answers , is this something we just have to put up with never feeling really well, everyone on her is suffering in some way.

So i would like to wish everyone well and lets have some answers soon xx


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