Endo. said Ferritin should be over 100 for everyone


Saw a second endo. this week who has ordered lots of tests for me.

He said my Ferritin at 65 range 15 - 300 is low and should be over 100 I said yes I know people who are hypo need it higher and his reply was not just hypo people but for everyone.

He said everyone should have it over 100 to feel well. Now I do not know if he mean't over 100 in my range or any range but I found what he said really interesting.

Just thought I would let members know.

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  • It's good to know that someone's on the ball.

    When mine was 16, with the range about the same, I was told by a haematologist that my blood was as good as his, that my ferritin level was 'unequivocally normal' and that my symptoms were caused by work-related stress!

  • Hi

    16 is shockingly low, have you managed to get it up now.

  • Interesting because whenever i said it must be over halfway in any of the ranges i got told off and told it was only over 70 in any range

  • My husband was with me and when we came out I said did I hear endo. right and he said yes he said it needs to be over 100 for everyone.

  • My ferritin is over a 100 but results come back saying ferritin levels inaccurate if infection present so not very helpful!

  • So no wonder I feel rough at 12! 12 is the bottom limit where I am and they just say its in range so you are fine! I want your endo!

  • He is in East Yorkshire, if you're anywhere near let me know and I will PM you.

  • Mines 19 normal! Ha

  • I feel bad at 65 so you must feel awful.

  • Us thyroidies get bittom if barrel care! Cos there's that many if us I guess! Could at least give us info to treat ourselves if we want. To instead of leaving to suffer!

  • That's true, do you live anywhere near East Yorkshire, if so I can PM you his name.

  • mine was 17 just had iron infusion x2 at hospital-so will wait and see if it increases

  • Hi

    Many daughter's has been 9 and the Dr. just gives her iron tablets. I told her to go back and ask for a full iron panel and the Dr. did say if it comes back low they will look at infusions.

    This has been going on for nearly four years though.

    When my endo. said it should be over 100 I said to my daughter if the full panel comes back low we are going into see the Dr. and complain as to why nothing more has been done before now.

    Hope you feel better with the infusions.

  • mine has been going on for a few years too and i have been on iron tabs 3times per day for a year- they tested me for celiac as thought it might effect absorbtion ,but was negative- it is a mystery!

  • Hi

    My daughter does have celiac but sticks to a strict gluten free diet.

    Her blood test for celiac came back negative but she then had an endoscopy and was diagnosed by this.

    Her ferritin still stays low though.

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