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I'm already a member of this forum but have been trying to get my sister to sign up. She has had thyroid problems for over 20 years and we have a full family history of under active thyroid. She never seems well though and has struggled with her weight for years. She holds a busy full time job and also free lances for another company and has 2 kids. But she also suffers terribly with mental health problems. She gets periods where she is so low and so sad, its awful. Ive been bugging her to get tests done at doctors and get her levels checked. She recently went after having more bloods done, then paid £10 for the privilege of her results. She has sent them to me as i said i would like to show the group on her. Which she has consented to. However her doc has sent her away with a higher dose of Prozac. And I'm worried for her. From what i can see on her paper work her thyroid results look good, not sure what any of the rest mean. But i don't see any for Ferritin, Vit D etc. She is back in two weeks for more bloods. What should I be telling her she needs her docotor to check. I'm worried they keep pumping her full of happy pills and its not fixing her problems. Any help appreciated.

(sorry for massive results page)

Sample Details


Description: Blood Date/Time Sampled: 31/07/2015 12:24 Date/Time Tested: Laboratory Id: CBI 63196P Date/Time Received: 31/07/2015 17:07 Biohazard Alert:

Liver function test

Comments: Please note method changed for albumin on 15/04/2015

Code(s) Description

44M4. Serum albumin

44F.. Serum alkaline phosphatase

44GB. "Serum ALT level" = Serum alanine aminotransferase level 44G9. "Serum gamma GT level" = Serum gamma-glutamyl transferase level

44EC. Serum total bilirubin level

Serum lipids

Comments: See national guidance (SIGN, NICE) for lipid treatment targets.


Normal Range Comments 40 g/L ,35 - 50 ,93 U/L ,30- 130 ,15 U/L

ImageImage 55

26 U/L


12 umol/L O - 20

Code(s) Description

44PJ. Serum total cholesterol level 44P5. Serum HDL cholesterol level

441)6. Serum LDL cholesterol level

ImageTotal cholesterol:HDL ratio 44Q•• Serum triglycerides

Urea and electrolytes


Value Normal Range Comments

4.3 mmol/L

I .4 mmol/L

2.6 mmol/L


0.70 mmol/L



4415. Serum sodium

Image4414. Serum potassium R 4416. Serum chloride

Serum urea level

44J3. Serum creatinine

45 IE. "GFR calculated abbreviatd MDRD" = GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD

Thyroid function test

! Code(s) Description Value

442V. Serum free T4 level 18 pmol/L

R 442W. Serum TSH level 0.12 mU/L

Biochemical test

! Code(s) Description Value ValueComments


143 mmol/L 133 - 146

4.4 mmol/L 3.5 - 5.3

111 mmol/L 95 - 108

6.8 mmol/L 2.5 - 7.8 64 umoI/L 50 - 100

> 60 ml/min/l.73m2 60 - 140

Normal Range Comments

10 -25

0.35 - 4.5

Normal Range Comments

ample Details


Description: Blood Date/Time Sampled: 31/07/2015 12:24 Date/Time Tested: Laboratory Id: CB163197A Date/Time Received: 31/07/2015 17:07 Biohazard Alert:

! Code(s)



Normal Range


R 44g..

Plasma glucose level

3.4 mmoI/L

3.7 - 5.6

Sorry for huge page.

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Lucky14. Your sister should complain to the practice manager about being charged £10 for 2-3 pages of results. The practice is entitled to charge for the cost of printer ink and paper but shouldn't be using it as a revenue stream. A commercial printer is unlikely to charge more than 40-50p a sheet.

The results and ranges have been separated and are unintelligable as presented. FT4 and TSH results and ranges are:

Free T4 level 18 pmol/L (10-25)

TSH level 0.12 mU/L (0.35-4.5)

Is your sister on Levothyroxine? TSH is low and FT4 is just over halfway through range. They're good results and don't indicate thyroid dysfunction if your sister isn't taking Levothyroxine. If she is, a dose increase to raise FT4 might be helpful but it will further suppress TSH which her GP will probably baulk at.

Tell your sister to request ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Low levels can cause fatigue, musculoskeletal pain and low mood.


Thanks Clutter

Her thyroid results are Serum free T4 18pmol/L (Normal range = 10 - 25)

Serum TSH level 0.12mu/L (Normal range = 0.35 - 45)

She is on Levothyroxine, same dose as myself 200mg.



Lucky14, as I said above, a dose increase should improve FT4 and it will increase FT3. Low T3 causes hypo symptoms which make it difficult to lose weight and can cause/exacerbate depression. The addition of Liothyronine (T3) can be beneficial if FT3 is low. It is difficult to get it prescribed without a NHS endo recommendation but it is available online without prescription.

If your sister's GP won't test FT3 she can order a private test from Blue Horizon or Genova via

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Thanks Sandy12, have sent you a PM. Thanks


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