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Just received my thiroyd

Just received thiroyd from <Admin deleted site>,...I am on ERfra 60 plus 30 and was on liothyronine 5mcgs per day i could not tolerate the 10 mcgs so staid on the 5 .I have only been on erfra about 4 months and like most others makes from levo to Armour then erfra i get nothing from my meds .On erfra i feel numb no feelings still walk at a snails pace but think the t3 took some of my pain away from the bottem back and hips..When i first took Armour i felt like a light had been switched on but its not been like this on erfra even my daughters have said i am not my usual self .I thought the LIO would have helped with my memory but infact its gone worse ..I take all the vits plus magnesium the only thing i dont know about is if my iron ferritin or folate is ok .,i dont have an endo app for a while .I hope you can understand what i am trying to write about and if anyone would kindly tell me what dosage of the new thiroyd to take

thanks and hugs sue xx

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What dose of levothyroxine were you taking before you switched over?

You also said you took liothyronine 10mcg twice daily so I think you mean you took lio (T3) 20mcg a day but didn't feel any benefit and switched to Erfa?

You are now taking Erfa only?


Hi shaws I was on 75 of levo then endo put me on armour some time ago, i tried to raise it but had palpations and with having AF when i was hyper i was worried it would start again,..The lio T3 was prescribed for me at 10 mcg per day split into to 2 doses of 5 each,I had to stop the dose in the afternoon because i was getting bad cramps again in my ankles like when i was hyper so clutter avised me to cut the afternoon one out

Many thanks sue xx


O.K. thanks.


Sue1947, 1 grain Thiroyd-S is pretty much equivalent to 1 grain Erfa so take one and a half tablets.

I've edited your post to remove reference to the site were you purchaed it. Please observe posting guidelines.

23. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription.


sorry about that clutter my head and whole body feels like its numb, just how i felt on levo .Many thanks for your reply ,going to try them in the morning ,do you think i should leave the liothyronine off for now

Hugs sue xx


Sue, I don't know what your FT3 is, so I can't answer that. If you've been taking T3 with Erfa I don't see any reason to stop taking it because you are switching to Thyroid-S unless you feel overmedicated.


thanks for replying clutter ,i will just take 5 mcgs in a morning ,hoping and praying these will work

hugs sue xx


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