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Switch from nature throid to thiroyd from Thailand

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Hi guys,

Iam from Romania.I was on Armour for about 1 year and half and since 2014 iam on nature throid(3 grains).

As you know isvery difficult and expensive to find nature throid.

I did ordered thiroyd from Thailand.How you switched from nature throid to thiroyd: straight from 3 grains nature throid to 3 grains of thiroyd? Do you feel ok on it?

Thank you!!

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Yes, you can do a straight switch-over. Keep an eye on your clinical symptoms and if a couple return after you've been on your new regime, you can increase by 1/4 tablet every two weeks. Keep and eye on your pulse and temp and if either rise too high drop to previous dose. Thiroyd is a popular replacement hormone. Keep in mind that sometimes whatever thyroid hormone replacement we take can have different effects in some people.

I hope you find it suits you.

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Micky7 in reply to shaws

Thank you!

What other alternative of thai ndt should i try?

Just in case thiroyd doesnt work?

Thiroyd S or TR?

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mb008 in reply to Micky7


How did your switch go?

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Micky7 in reply to mb008

Hello, i will start on 5 of January(thiroyd and Tr Man arrived in Romania, already; but the postoffice doesnt work until 3 of january).

I will start with Thyroid and see how i will feel.If it doesnt work for me i will change to TR Man(back up solution)

Thank you!

I ordered on 19 of december , Thiroyd; and today i ordered TR Man.

One of these 2 should work.

Have a great time!!

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Kitten44 in reply to Micky7

I'd love to know how you get on, as I would like to try Thai ndt, so please report back.

Happy Christmas!!

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Micky7 in reply to Kitten44

Sure, i must admit i am quite nervous about the switch..

I encourage myself though: i did switch from Armour to Nature throid without any problem; actually when i did the switch from armour to nature throid i got pregnant straight away, at 39 years old, after many years of infertility.

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Kitten44 in reply to Micky7

I understand. I've had symptoms and test results for years,but only since late last year I found a Dr willing to medicate me. I'm on Levo and while I feel the best I have in years, I'm far from feeling or looking like my old self. So I am interested in going for NDT, but the prospect of switching and self medicating is really daunting. But this forum is great, I've learned so much and love reading about other people's experiences. I spend hours reading through posts!

Fingers crossed your swap will be straight forward and your health continues to improve! 😊

I just posted on this couple days ago. It's too recent to be certain but I find that Thyroid from Thailand is less potent than nature throid.

as I run out of nature throid after calling many many pharmacies in USA that had it on back order and didn't have any stocked I just took Thyroid right away, the full dosage and I am increasing it by half after I have felt very tired the first week I've been on it.

Hello I wondered how you are now doing on Thiroyd, like you I've had to change from Nature Throid, I find the thiroyd less potent than NT but have increased my dose and coping well but as yet not fully back to normal as I used to feel on the old nature throid before it was reformulated.

I used to take 1 grain nature-throid, I feel back to normal with 1 1/2 grain or 1 1/2 tablet of THIROYD. So it's obviously less potent.

Thanks for your reply it's what I've found too that thiroyd is slightly less potent than the new Nature Throid. At least we have found an alternative that does work!

I am excited to see someone having been on Nature Throid. I am on it and take 97.5 mg which is 1.5 grains. Nature Throid is getting so hard to find, plus my Dr charges me $150 to renew my prescription every 6 mo. Can I ask you what dosage of Nature Throid were you on, and what you are taking of Thiroid? Thanks

Hello sorry only just read your post asking me what dose Nature Throid I used to be on. I used to be on 5grain NT for many years and I was very well and pleased with it until they reformulated it, plus how difficult it got to get, I swapped to Thiroyd which is slightly less potent in my opinion I am now on 6 grain of Thiroyd which seems to be working fine. I have just sent for a complete thyroid test to compare with my last one last autumn whilst on NT. Some people are much more resistant to thyroid hormones than others and need a higher dose, of course it's wise to have all your tests done to see how you are doing but also I think how you actually feel is as relevant as we are all individuals.

Good luck

Thanks a bunch!!

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Micky7 in reply to bellananci

I was on 3 grains of nature throid, i was switching to thyroid from Thailand(same amount), but even with tulsi tea, vitamin D i took, Thiroyd gave me some palpitations and felt a bit hiper.

I went down to 2 grains..and i felt hipo..though i didnt like it so my much.

I switched to TR Man , 2 grains...feeling great on it.

My advice: buy 2 or 3 types of ndt..and see which one works for you.

The time to arrive from Thailand to your country could be a lot.

Thyroid works for some people and not for others.Anyway for me Thyroid it was much better than new nature throid.

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bellananci in reply to Micky7

Thanks for your reply. It was helpful in the fact that I got some ThryoGold, and it gave me palpations too. I did just order TR Thyroid, but you are right, I have to wait 20+ days. I am hoping I do well on that.

you are right...nature throid is 65 mg per grain and thiroyd is 60mg per grain...so slight difference

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Can you tell me anything about TR? It's very difficult to find info about it and there are not many reviews. I like Thyroid-S which I currently take but I'm not too happy about all the fillers so would like to try TR. Do you take TR yourself?

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Thanks! Yes, that's what I'm worried about, especially since I'll need to be on thyroid hormone replacement for the rest of my life...the potential long-term effects of aluminium really make me worried.

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Agree! And I don't understand why they'd need about 20 fillers in such a tiny pill...but I cannot complain out its efficacy, it's just the long-term effects of so many fillers and binders I worry about. It would be interesting to try TR out just to be able to compare the two. If nothing else, at least I know that Thyroid-S works for me so going back to it would always be an option.

Hi Micky, how are you doing on thiroyd?

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Micky7 in reply to KornishPiskie


I was better than nature throid on thyroid.It was a bit to much for me 3 grains so i went on 2 grains(which is too low).Probably i am better on 2 and 1 quarter.

I decide it to give it a go to TR Man, so i have started from today on 2 grains.

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devmaurkids2 in reply to Micky7

Do you have your thyroid still?

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Micky7 in reply to devmaurkids2


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