Saw my doctor and ahh just a ahhhh!

I saw my doctor hoping to have a discussion about erfra. I was told it was homeopathic and not prescribed by doctors. I was the treated to a review of my past blood tests and told that he doubted I had hypothyroidism. He wanted me to come off erfra for 6 weeks so he could test my blood to see if I really was.

Just totally confused now I felt so awful before head full off fog so tired and cold. With the erfra I am still tired but can at least function.

I wanted to get some blood test a but felt like such a fraud did not ask.

feel like crying.

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  • Homeopathic???

    If it wasn't so awful, it would be funny. Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances. Erfa is NOT one of those highly diluted substances.

    Does he even know what it is, I wonder?

  • Absolutely. To the point at which, mathematically there could be not one single molecule of the original substance left!

    Clearly a doctor who has a homoeopathic level of understanding of thyroid, knowledge of Erfa, and humanity.


  • A homoeopathic level of understanding ! ? Actually, it works,

  • Oh no, just realised. That was the "most senior doctor" in the practice, wasn't it?

    I'm so sorry. Words fail me.

  • Thank for your reply. No he did not know what it was, nor did he know what NDT was looked it up on google!

  • Amazing. But he knows about google.

  • how are these people allowed to practice medicine!?

  • Piplysmelie, the man's an ignorant fool. Ignore him. He has your previous thyroid results and can judge from them whether or not you are hypothyroid. Why would you stop taking Erfa when it is helping you? No reason not to have the thyroid test to check your levels but see whether you can also have the other tests done at the same time to avoid two blood draws. Perhaps you could drop in the Erfa PIL so the idiot can educate himself.

  • Hi Clutter

    He said I was boarder line originally and if he had been seen me he would not have diagnosed me as hypothyroid. Hence the reason for stopping medication and retesting as i may find I am no longer tired without the medication.



  • Afraid I don't buy that rationale from a doctor who thinks Erfa is a homeopathic remedy. I've not heard anyone suggest that NDT is responsible for tiredness but we all know unmedicated and undermedicated hypothyroidism causes fatigue.

  • It took my husband nearly a year to fully recover on Armour

    you have to remember that when taking an NDT the body is also trying to actually repair damaged tissues

    support your body with lots of fresh salads and fresh fruit and a good multivitamin and as much rest as you can

  • Hi reallyfedup!

    Love the name it just about says it all doesn't it!!

    Thanks for your reply I will keep taking the erfra as it has definitely helped. I did not know about it repairing damaged tissues



  • If we are undermedicated or undiagnosed we can develop other more serious diseases but unfortunately, many GPs are unaware of this, neither are they aware of clinical symptoms. Maybe we could wave a magic wand and the GP will become a doctor like this one:-

  • Most GPs are untrained and funding rationing is also part of the picture.

  • the result is these menaces proclaiming nonsense, frightening patients and making them sicker. whatever happened to 'first do no harm'? Grrr.

  • Don't get mad, get better! You're helping your own health with what you're doing. It is not you who is the fraud - it is this doctor! If you want a panel of blood tests there are private places that do them (if you can afford such). I think Blue Horizon is one. I'm sure you can check it out online. If that doesn't appeal, then ask your doctor to do a proper panel of tests for thyroid function while you're still on erfa. I wish we had a note here somewhere accessible as to what one should ask for. I don't want to tell you and miss some off. Shaws - do you have a comprehensive list?

  • Thanks everyone for your support

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