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Advice please

Morning all. Seen my haematologist this morning & he has confirmed my iron is very good & vit D, B12 & folate are normal (no range given) but he wants me to keep taking 5mg of folic acid each day.

Would it hurt to Take vitamin D 500u & B12 each day?

My last results show

TSH is 6.1 (0.35 - 5.0)

FT4 10.5. (9.0 - 21)

Been on 100mg Levo since 20/8/15 doc said my last results should my TSH was high but FT4 very low. I'm expecting a call this week after my bloods today to tell me to increase the Levo. What can I expect the increase to be? Still very tired & down & getting very very impatient. I want my like back ASAPx

Thanks in advance for the advice

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Hello Babylola,

The goal of Levothyroxine Is to return your thyroid hormones to a euthyroid state and you are still very under medicated.

Most members who medicate on Levothyroxine function best with a TSH of 1.0 or below and T3 & T4 in the upper quadrant of range.

You will probably be increased by another 25 mcg and then blood tested again in six weeks, with possibly another dose increase after....who knows?

Unfortunately throid hormones can take a while to rebalance and dose increments can only be small to allow the body to tolerate them.

Many members supplement B12 and Vit D and with your medical history I think it would be wise. Others will advise of doses as I'm not sure.

Supplements to be considered to help thyroid meds work better include selenium, zinc and Vit C. There are thyroid supplement preparations with a bit of everything in so its easier to take.

Hope you get your like back soon,



So what are the actual results for your Vit D, iron, folate, Vit B12, etc?

"Good" and "normal" could mean anything! :(


I handed him a list of the results I wanted but he only gave me results of TSH & FT4 the rest he said were good or normal. I'll push him for the details next time I see him. I'm new to this so wasn't sure what to expect. I should have been a bit more persistent it seems.



Don't forget to ask for reference ranges as well the actual results.

If you had something measured and the result was 20, this means nothing by itself. If the reference range is 19 - 29, then 20 is low. If the reference range is 11 - 21 then 20 is high. But to your doctor, the result is "normal" in both cases.

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Regardless of the results being good, bad or ugly, you want them. They are your data. You are legally entitled to them, regardless of his opinion of there being no merit in you having them. All it takes is one finger pressing Print.


"normal " means ZILCH

Get the exact results and ref ranges for




vit d3

then we have a chance to help you


Hi Vit D affects calcium so if top of range you do not want to take any vit D.


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I would not take synthetic folic acid. Take methyl folate only. 400-800 mcgs

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