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Help please with my results


Back at the beginning of August I got limited info re my results they were

TSH 61. (0.35 - 5.00)

FT4 10.5 (9.0 - 21.00)

the doc said my Ferritin, Vit D, B12 and folate were normal / ok but no reference ranges supplied, ( although I did ask). Based on these results and my symptoms the doc increased my levo from 75mg ( which I'd been on for 2 wks) to 100mg. He said I'd probably need around 150mg of Levo but I could continue to increase over time and my next increase would depend on my results.

After posting on the site I quickly learned that "normal" meant nothing And I needed figures and ranges, so here are my results from 31/8 at this point I have been on 100mg levo for 2 wks.

TSH. 5.9 (0.35 - 5.00)

FT4. 17.3 (9.0 - 21.0)

Ferritin 87. (15-200)

B12. 614. (200-900)

Folate >20. (3.1 - 20.0)

Vit D. ? Exactly middle of the range

The doc told me my Vit D was exactly in the middle of the range but no figures were supplied, I did mean to ask him again for figures but I forgot as I got caught up with other questions I had for him.

In the last 10 days I have noticed an increase in my levels of energy, When i wake I can get out of bed with only a little effort, prior to this I'd have to drag myself out of bed, I still get very tired later on. I also have sore feet (planter fasciitis) along with muscle spasms in my hands and feet which come and go. My mood still swings wildly, I'm fine one minute then for no apparent reason I'm all weepy. My brain fog has lifted but my memory is still rubbish. My biggist achievement is I joined the gym and managed to go to 3 classes each week and walk the dog each day.

I'm very new to this situation and still trying to educate myself, I am reading all the posts trying to learn the lingo (I wish my memory was better), I've started a dairy to track my progress and I've bought a book that Flower 007 recommend to another member in the hope that I can learn more.

Looking at my results I know I'm still under medicated and I'm surprised my doc hasn't advised me to increase my dose again, he advised me to wait another 6 wks???? Is this normal? Do I need to add any vitamins? Can you over medicate on vitamins?

Ps. Twice over the last 10 days I've been unable to sleep even though I'm tired, is this the increased Levo?


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He's right. 6 weeks to next blood test. The blood results move gradually. The thing is you are feeling better. The other things take time as well. But it seems you are doing well.

When I had plantar fasciitis, whenever I was sitting at the desk, I'd roll a tennis ball under my foot. Took a while but it worked.


Babylola, you've responded very well to 75mcg, FT4 17 is very good and your TSH is significantly lower, although still high. The 100mcg will have barely been absorbed when you tested 2 weeks later so your GP is right when he says you should wait 6 weeks for another test. Your metabolism is still adjusting to thyroid replacement so emotions and sleep may be disrupted a while longer. It's great you've been able to join the gym but don't do too much, too quickly, you need to pace yourself until your TSH is lower and you feel better.

It is possible to overdo vitamins and minerals. I don't think you need to supplement iron, B12 or folate but a multi-vitamin with iron and a B Complex vitamin and 1,000mg vitamin C may be helpful. Magnesium citrate and zinc can relieve muscle spasms, and magnesium oil spray on your muscles may be helpful. Epsom Salt baths before bed are also good muscle relaxants and will promote sleep.

Ask your GP receptionist what your vitD result is. Middle of the range is only helpful if you know what the range is.


Thanks clutter I will look at the multi vitamins next time I'm out. For the last 3 months I've been taking raw goats kefir to help my gut & address my malnutrition / absorption problems i had earlier in the year (this was caused by heavy use of antibiotics post transplant. It has certainly worked well for me only issue is I have to order it from Wales as i can't get it in Scotland. It's really helped with my dry skin after all the chemo & current thyroid problems too.


Babylola, You'll probably have low vitD as you're so far north. Have you tried making your own kefir from some of the grains?


I was thinking of trying it only thing is I'll have to make it with pasteurised milk ( and I'll lose a lot of the good bacteria) unless I can find a local farm where I can buy unpasteurised milk at the farm gate (that's the only way we can by it here - and then you have to say it's for animal use!) nanny state don't trust us to make our own decisions. Lol

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Babylola, we're animals so you aren't telling porkies to the farmer :-D


It is good you are responding well to levo but I would go easy on the exercise initially till you get to an optimum level as vigorous exercise can reduce the T3 (which converts from levo) and that's the hormone required in all our receptor cells. It is great that you have the energy to exercise.


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