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Any advice please re blood test results


My symptoms - extreme fatigue despite plenty sleep, difficulties concentrating, low energy/motivation, brain fog, muscles aches

Blood test results

Testosterone <0.4 nmo/L -Abnormal

SHBG 161 nmo/L - Abnormal

Serum LH 6.1 IU/L

Serum FSH 8.6 IU/L

TSH 1.00 mU/L

FT4 16.3 pmol/L

Doctor thinks I have CFS/ME....

Can anyone advise me whether these results may indicate anything else?

Thank you very much

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Hello AEFFP,

Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

Can you advise if you are medicated on thyroid hormone replacement and advise of ranges for any blood test results so members can get a better picture in order to comment.

Thank you



Thank you - yes good point sorry I should have said - no I haven't been diagnosed with thyroid problems - just lots of people have suggested my symptoms seem to suggest hypothyroidism which is how I ended up on here. Just so very tired and weary.


Hi there. These are all symptoms shared with B12 deficiency. I suggest you have a look at the Pernicious Anaemia Society website for their comprehensive symptom checklist, and ask your GP for a test. Even if the serum test gives a 'normal' result you can be deficient. If that's the case there are other, better tests (MMA, Active B12).

There's a PA community on Health Unlocked where you can post any questions. The important thing is not to supplement until you have had all possible tests done, as you may skew all the results for months.

Best of luck!


Thank you - I don't think I have been tested for B12 but general FBC is ok I think - hence why GP is saying CFS/ME. Just feel so tired.


You poor thing. I know when you're so exhausted it's hard to argue the case for anything with your GP. B12 deficiency can definitely cause this type of exhaustion and is often misdiagnosed as ME/CFS. However, B12 injections may help even with a firm diagnosis of ME:

I wonder if it's worth asking your GP for a trial. The injections only cost the NHS 60p, and can't possibly do any harm as there is no 'overdose' level.

Do you have someone who can come with you to the GP as an advocate?


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