Hands and feet

Hands and feet

Hi, please advise me. My hands and feet seem to be getting worse by the day. My feet have got blood settled in the soles of my toes as well as ball of foot within last three weeks. My fingers are all wrinkled beyond my age(64) please see attached photo of the state of my hands. I have been to docs and they keep saying I am dehydrated, but I drink as much as always and more in fact. I am on 50 of levo, last reading months ago was 2.3. I also have diabetes and asthma both quite well controlled.

I am taking selenium, zinc, antihistamine, metformin, inhalers, calcium, vit d, b12, magnesium, iron

I am really worried about my hands and feet. I am a very active person and am physically quite fit. I have arthritis in my spine in three vertebrae.

Thank you

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  • Mado, have you seen a doctor about your hands? It looks like you need an urgent medical assessment and you probably also need a higher dose of thyroxin at the very least.

    Hypo can cause puffiness especially in the hands, feet and face but the colour is a worry - is your diabetes under control and do you have any other known medical conditions that could be contributing? Take care x

  • I have been to docs 3 times, they keep saying it's dehydration. I have just had a blood test for diabetes and have an appointment to see nurse in a week. I did wonder if it's diabetes, but I thought docs would have picked that up. I don't have any puffiness anywhere. And no other conditions I have not mentioned. Thanks though.

  • Mado if my hands looked like that I'd be in A&E, please see someone about it xxx

  • I have been to docs three times already, going again on Monday. Thank you

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