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Peeling hands / feet

I have hashimotos, raynaud's and am waiting to see if I have coeliac diagnosis too. I don't know if this is related, but for the last 3 years (since pretty much my hypothyroidism started) my palms and soles of my feet would peel - like I had had sunburn and the whole top layer was peeling off. It would mainly be in winter when it's cold, but since my diagnosis and levo treatment started, it's come back with a vengeance and is now all over both my hands, fingers and wrists. My feet peels on the heels but also on the soles, again like sunburn, whole layers come off. Moisturizing helps for a few hours but every morning its slightly worse.

I know this isn't a big problem, especially considering all the other symptoms we have to deal with, but it's the only one that has got worse not better since levo kicked in. Does anyone else have this and know what can help?

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Lemonem: I have this condition but it is only on my left foot which seems odd. I had it for a couple of years before I was finally diagnosed.

It cleared up about a year ago when my thyroid meds were optimal. Since then things have changed and my meds are now insufficient and it has come back along with some other hypo symptoms.

So I can only assume it is thyroid related and I'm hoping it clears up again when my meds are adequate. I hope yours does too.


Thanks Mischa. Yes I was hoping once I was optimal, it would be one of the things that disappeared but I now am, and its just spreading. Maybe I should be a bit more patient!


Do you get little fluid filled pimples or blisters first, before the skin starts peeling? I have something like that on my left foot. It's called pompholyx - have a Google.


I have on my feet yes, they were really itchy too, but my hands is just peeling. Thanks for the tip! <opens google>


I have had the itchy bumps and blisters on my palms and fingers. The first time was this past Winter and it is just now starting to clear up.


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