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Can anyone advice on lab tests please?


Can anyone advice if I should lower or increase a dose of NDT I'm taking at the moment, which is 3 grains? I've had Hashimoto since 2007. I'm seeing my endo (who is NDT friendly) in October, but getting married next month and wanted to make sure I don't feel as tired/sleepy/dismotivated as I'm feeling at the moment, hence trying to adjust the dose. I was on 3.5 grains in the past but it gave me heart palpitations.

I had blood tests done last week and the results are as follows:

TSH (0.27-4.20) - 0.009

FT3 (2-4.40) - 4.03

FT4 (0.90 - 1.80) - 1.13

ferritin (13-150) - 26

iron (50-150) - 101

I've also had antibodies tested (to see if diet changes lowered them) but still waiting for the results.

vit. B12 I had done on few ocasisons in the past and never had problem with it.

What should I do in this case? Lower the dose to 2.75 or increase to 3.25 grains?

Thank you very much for your help!


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The ferritin looks like it might be the problem, not the NDT. At are you doing to raise the ferritin?

Xx g

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Thank you. I'm taking Spa tone,which obviously increased my iron level as it used to be very low too. Not sure how to increase ferritin though.


You need to get on some proper iron tablets. Perhaps ferrograd c , iron and vit c 😊

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Anna, congratulations on getting married. I hope you have a lovely day.

FT3 is almost top of the range so I doubt low thyroid is causing fatigue but you could try the quarter grain increase to see whether it helps.

Low ferritin may be causing fatigue but it can take months to improve on iron tablets if you can tolerate them. Spatone is very weak. If you're unable to tolerate iron tablets have a look at the Cambodian iron fish


Thanks Clutter.

But why would I increase the dose if my FT3 is so high? I don't understand the reasoning behind it. could you explain it please?


Anna, Increasing might improve your fatigue. There is room for a very small increase without overmedicating. I think improving your ferritin will be more beneficial but that will take months.


Thank you guys for your help!


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