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NDT sources


Could anyone advise on a pm where they source NDT from, without a script please.

Have just written a long post and managed to delete it grrr!

Brief history i am on 125mcg T4 following diagnosis in 2011 but have been playing about with T3/T4 on a self medicated basis.

Also wondering about reverse t3 and iron levels etc but slowly researching it (through the brain fog).

If people could be so kind to advise on their sources for NDT i would be much obliged.

Many thanks :)

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Ticklek, if you are currently taking T4+T3 you can swap straight over to NDT. If you say what doses you are taking I'll estimate the equivalent NDT dose for you.


Thank you so much Clutter :) i take 15cg t4 and 25mcg t3 at the moment.

Do you think, if i had reverse t3 excesses, that Ndt would help as opposed to the synthetic version?

Thanks again for your help



Ticklek, do you mean 15mcg or 150mcg T4 plus 25mcg T3?

Have you had a rT3 test? If rT3 is high the best way to clear a build up is to stop taking T4 for a few months. It doesn't matter whether the T4 is synthetic or in NDT.


No 150mcg t4 sorry the above was a typo!

I haven't had a reverse t3 test, i looked them up on blue horizon but theres not a hospital closer than an hour away so thought id try other options possibly.

I did think about going t3 only for a while but then read a few things against that and now don't really know what to think!

Any advice would be gratefully received

Thanks again


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