Need online source for NDT

Is there a safe website to order Armour or any other version of NDT? I am in U.S. and doctors won't prescribe it even though I'm clearly hypo. I'm trying to go it alone and have ordered my tests just waiting on results based on STTM ranges and I will need to ordered something. If someone could private message me I would appreciate it. I just don't know what is safe. I have asked the STTM people but don't have much to choose from. I don't feel comfortable sending cash to Mexico for it. Please help me. I know people are doing this and if you have a safe site with legitimate medicine please let me know. I will keep it confidential as I know these resources are rare.

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  • Did you not start Thyroid S? What doses where you on if you don't mind me asking?

    Thank you!! hope you are getting somewhere with your pm.

  • I got some from a website and I wasn't sure it was legitimate. I had a huge reaction to it. Since no one at STTM ever heard of the site I used, I thought I would try and find a new site. Someone responded with a source and I had seen this site, I just didn't know of it was real stuff.

  • Yeah I use thyroid S now for over a year I think. I'm sorry u had a bad reaction!!! Xxxx it's weird that STTM didn't know because they have it in their list. There are two types Thiroid and thyroid S.

    I hope you find your way ok!! Thinking of you xxxx

  • Actually, it possibly isn't weird about Thyroid-S sources. Some time ago I noticed a main Thyroid-S supplier looking for third parties to act as affiliates in selling Thyroid-S.

    There have been all sorts of strange approaches to selling Thyroid-S - I guess to avoid being noticed by some countries and organisations (e.g. US customs and the FDA). Having numerous suppliers is an obvious tactic. I guess that some of these third parties sell for a short while then give up.

    I don't like the affiliate approach as it feels less reliable than a more direct route, and if something does go wrong, chasing difficult-to-identify third parties around the Internet isn't likely to be satisfactory.

  • I never have bought my thyroid S from anyone other than the manufacturer! I have no idea of what you speak of, at all. I have not seen a third party seller in any of my dealings with Thyroid S.

    So I'm not sure what the third party is all about to be honest!

    Thanks for the info though. Good to know!

    J xx

  • I rather thought that from your response earlier - but it could explain Julesandmichael's response above that.

  • Yeah it can be very confusing!! Thanks!!!! I feel very lucky then that I get mine directly!!

    J xx

  • Julesandmichael, Sources that are able to ship into the UK do not necessarily ship into to the US. Most members here are not in the US, so you may not receive the information you are asking for. It may be that to obtain this information you will need to ask on a US based forum.

  • I have tried a U.S. site and ended up with responses where I would have to send cash to Mexico . No thank you. Thought maybe someone here would have another option. One person responded with a source, which I found but STTM didn't know anything about that site, so I'm glad someone here has used it. That was helpful information.

  • If you now have the info you need, then that's fine! Just wanted you to be aware that this is mainly UK based membership and things don't always work the same on both sides of the pond :)

  • I was wondering if you managed to find a source for NDT it s a while since you posted ? I am in the UK and trying to get a doctor to prescribe T3 or NDT is nigh impossible the powers that be GMC are against giving them to patients , for what ever reason, I haven't had a clear answer yet just told by endo , T3 will cause strokes and trouble with Bone density, and NDT will only give a placebo effect ? I have been on thyroxine for a long time and although I became so much better , after suffering years of all the awful symptom I still had flare ups and fatigue floored me at times , still had inner tremors constantly and pain and discomfort in throat jaws and ears . As I was getting absolutely no help from GP s doctors or endos I decided to self medicate and sent to the U.S. For thyrogold . ( dr Lowe) . I have been taking it for 3 months and I am almost afraid to say it , in case endo was right and it's just a placebo effect ,but I feel so much better . I have just received a second supply and intend to carry on with it , early days but I have been ill since 1995 so prepared to wait a bit longer and hopefully get the final 30% health back . I thought I would just let you know about my experience in case you have had no luck finding A reliable source for NDT . Best wishes jay

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