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Help with latest TSH and other tests


Having had a recent increase (6 weeks ago) of levothyroxine from 150mcg to 200mcg here are my latest results:

TSH 0.08 (Range 0.34 - 5.60)

FT4 21.5 (Range 7.9 - 20.00)

FT3 5.2 (Range 3.8 - 6.00)

Ferritin 15 (Range 11 - 307)

Vitamin D 61 (Range <50)

Progesterone 17.2 (Range 16 - 59)

On 150mcg of levo in April this year my results were:

TSH 1.53 (Range 0.34 - 5.60)

FT4 15.7 (Range 7.9 - 20.00)

FT3 3.3 (Range 3.8 - 6.00)

Ferritin 19 (Range 11 - 307)

I thought i had a conversion problem T4 - T3 but the latest results dont show this. If anything symptom wise i feel worse on this increase. i am wondering whether to reduce the dose to 175mcg/200mcg on alternate days as the FT4 is over range now? Clearly i need to do something with the ferritin problem which is worse now than before and the vitamin D. i didnt ask for the B12 or folate to be tested as i had to request the vit d and ferritin as for some reason doctors dont see the correlation between thyroid problems and vitamin difficiencies! the symptoms i have are bone and muscle pain, brain fog, further weight gain, very tired unrefreshed sleep etc. The progesterone was tested as i was low in it before and put on progesterone only meds but the doctor took me off them 6 weeks ago as i wasnt having a period but i have had a period since the increase in T4 so something is working again!

Any advice would be welcomed.


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I disagree with you, there, Ic. Your latest labs do show that you aren't converting very well. The FT4 is over the top of the range, but your FT3 is only just scraping over mid-range. That indicates a conversion problem. It could be due to that low iron but you would probably feel much better with a little T3 added to your T4.


Thanks Greygoose. i'm sure you are right about the T3 but i am trying hard not to have to self medicate but if i know i will have to if i go down the T3 route. How can i get my ferritin levels up quickly and safely to see if that will make a difference to the conversion? Just wondering what to take as in over the counter meds as my doctor doesnt see that it is low because of the ridiculous range thing!


lc1973, there's no quick way to raise ferritin. Supplement 3 x 210mcg Ferrous Fumarate and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mcg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

There's no need to reduce Levothyroxine dose unless you feel overmedicated. Some patients need FT4 slightly over range to convert sufficient T3. Your FT3 is just shy of the top third of range which means you are converting well.


The blood levels look right to the docs, but as I keep saying, it's not one size fits all, it's what the patient feels like, and you still feel bad, so it's not right. I am on 125/150mcg T4 daily, still about the same as I was before the meds. Am getting my t3 and free t3 done on Tuesday, whether it's looks ok or not, I am going to buy some when I'm away, the T3 I mean, drop the dosage of T4 and take 12.5mcg daily of T3, then up it a week later to 25mcg, I just wonder if that will make the difference. Of course, the endo might just prescribe the T3, but if he does!!!!!! The T4 will regularise your periodsI am 60 the other day, and still have regular heavy periods, as my doc says, she's never known anyone that age!


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