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Hi everyone,

I went to doctors and got my blood test results. They all, but one came back normal and I have to have another blood done in two weeks time for the HbAlc, just to check on it again. must say I feel well for 75 yrs old!

My test results were;

TSH 3.61 ( 0,35 - 4.5 )

FOLATE 12.3 ( 4.6 - 18.7 )

B12 389 (>180 )

Hb 145 (120 -160 )

HbAlc 40 (<41=normal )

Ferritin 92 (13 - 150 )

Have been feeling well for past week or so. Dont know if it will last but have given up drinking tea and taking a good propiotic as I have heard so often if your gut is healthy your body will be too. My routine is;

I take Levo first thing on waking. I leave at least two hours before breakfast. THen at 10.30 I take ionic magnesium. i take a probiotic just before eating my lunch.and vitamins after lunch. I take time release vit c, COMPLEX VIT B WITH B12 selenium with vit E and defatted liver pill for iron Also one 10g of protein powder with a yogurt. I have now started to make my own bread with organic spelt flour it doesnt bloat me out like the supermarket bread!

i still cant shift the fat round my middle but hoping someone will come up with the answer to that and share.

I hope that helps someone. K eep fighting to get the right treatment you are all worthy!


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Win_4ever, I think your TSH is rather high, most are comfortable with TSH around 1.0. There's no need to increase dose if you feel well but it is possibly a reason why you can't reduce your belly and why your HbA1C is high.

Your B12 is low. <500 and neurological symptoms may be experienced. B12 decreases with age and has lead to dementia misdiagnoses. PAS recommend B12 1,000 is optimal. Supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches. There isn't enough B12 in a B Complex but it's good for keeping the other B vits balanced.

Ferritin and folate are good.


Thanks Clutter I will see to upping my B12 dosage. Good to have some help analysing the results.


Hi win4ever, I'm amazed you feel so well with a TSH that high! Didn't they even do the FT4? Bunch of losers! When someone is on thyroid hormone replacement, levo, they usually feel best with a TSH of around 1.00. But how you feel is what counts.

BUT if your TSH is that high, your Ft3 is probably pretty low, and that's what's stopping you losing the extra weight. I know the NHS won't test the FT3 - nor the vit D, and you need that done, too - but you really need to have the FT4 and FT3 done to see if you're converting - doctors Don't care, as long as the TSH is in range! Would it be possible to get private tests done?

Your B12 is dangerously low, I'm afraid - forget the stupid ranges, they mean nothing - B12 is optimal around 1000, and anything Under 500 can cause permenant nerve damage. Did you mean you're taking a B complex AND vit B12, or vit B12 IN a B complex? If it's the latter, you won't be getting enough B12 to help. And it needs to be methylcobalamin. B complexes often contain cyanocobalamin. You would need about 7000 sublingual methylcobalamin daily on top of your B complex to get that B12 up.

But at least your ferritin and folate are good. :)


I love your response, bunch of losers...really made me chuckle😀




Hi, greygoose,

Thank you for that analysis. I am taking bcomplex with ab12 of 300mcg methylcobalamin and 300mcg as adenosylcobalamin also a boost spray b12 of 600 asmethylcobalamin. Maybe I will take the full spray dose instead of the half as I was afraid of overdosing.


Win_4ever, you can't overdose on B12, excess is excreted in urine. I don't think you need as much as 7,000mcg but taking it for 6-8 weeks will load your B12 up and you can then maintain with 1-2,000mcg daily.


Thanks clutter glad of the advice


A tsh of 3.6 is in no way normal

it should be around 1.0 if you are correctly medicated


Thanks for your input really fedup. does that mean I need to take more levo? I am on 75mcg currently


I rather think it does, yes. :)


Of course it does

you will need to take far more than a miniscule dose of 75mcg to reduce your TSH closer to 1.0 and to loose all your hypothyroid symptoms

Dosage should always be increased by 25mcg every 3 or 4 weeks until all symptoms are resolved


You might find TSH improves a little is you take thyroxine at bedtime


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