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Vit B12 deficient

can anyone help me please? I have a patch for vit b 12 + 10. My question is as it is only worn for 24 hrs per week is that giving me enough daily I also take bcomplex with b12 in tablet form daily. I have also b12 sublingual which I have left off whilst wearing the patch. Should I also take this sublingual too? I am experiencing balance problems which i understand is B12 deficient symptom? I am 75 years old and so maybe not absorbing the vits as younger people do.

Appreciate you all being here for us older and not so clued up!


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Win_4ever, I don't know how much the B12 patch is delivering but you can't overdose on B12 so why not add the sublingual and see whether balance improves.


it is 1000mcg. so looks like I can take the sublingual as well? which is 7000mcg?


Win_4ever, yes, you can take both.


thanks Clutter, its good to be in the community helping each other.

As a point of interest how much B12 do I get from the 1000mcg patch daily, do you know?

I do take on board that you cannot overdose on vit b.

my last b12 blood test result on 30th june showed 389 (>180)

thank you for your help.


Win_4ever, I don't know but even if 1,000mcg was absorbed it wouldn't all be used as it is water soluble and will be excreted in urine throughout the day.

389 is low, 1,000 is considered optimal by PA Society.


Yes it was what I suspected. A patch on for 24hrs to last a week not likely very good absorbsion to last that long with going out in your urine daily.


Win, B12 becomes depleted as we age and becomes harder to absorb from food. Once you've boosted your B12 higher you can probably reduced to 3-5,000mcg daily. Good levels of B12 can delay dementia.

You should have a vitamin D test before supplementing to determine how much you need. VitD levels also drop in the elderly so supplementing is usually required.


When you take B12 you also need to take Folic Acid - not sure what amount. The two work together and the Folic Acid binds to the B12 and keeps it in the body longer. Maybe there is enough Folic Acid in your Multi-Vit. Folic Acid is synthetic - so you may wish to research Methylfolate - which is natural.

Once you are supplementing B12 - testing is of little value and the results will be skewed. You need your B12 up around a 1000 to prevent cognitive decline. Are you taking VitD as well ?

I heard yesterday from the Chairman of the Pernicious Anaemia Society that the ranges for B12 were set in 1948 based on 7 people. So the ranges are very wrong. In japan they START at 500 - so we do need things to change in Europe. I live in Crete....similar ranges as UK.

B12 deficiency is at epidemic levels throughout the world....


thanks Marze, will research about folic acid.

Oh for doctors to be trained to respond to symptoms and not b- useless blood tests!

I am not taking vit D at the moment no. is D3 best?


......possibly a good idea to have a test first - along with your calcium levels. Best to treat according to your levels. Tests can be done for VitD privately at home from City Assays in Birmingham. They have a website.

D3 increases production of calcium in the body naturally and Vitamin K2 directs the calcium away from the blood into bones and teeth. clever stuff :-)


Win, check what's in the B Complex. It probably contains folic acid or methylfolate. May be called B9.


ok thanks for the great advice


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