Heading for a success story

Hello all,

I've drawn lots of support from you all, advice, hope and comfort. I know how important people's success stories were to me. Here's mine......so far.......

After being bedridden for a month after being on Levo for 4 months and being very ill since (off work, unable to drive, do any household tasks or walk more than a few mins)I was hypothyroid, had adrenal issues (very low cortisol and DHEA, recently tested positive for Lyme) I really feel I'm moving forward. I've been going for weekly acupuncture restorative yoga, following an AIP diet, on adrenal support and nutritional supplements for 2 weeks, T3 for one week and a b12 injection yesterday. Im really starting to feel like me again, I can think faster, speak faster and in the last few days I've been able to make food and wash up! Today drove my car, went shopping, was able to carry shopping from car, unpack it and I actually did a decent walk of about 15 mins! No immediate crash afterwards and I even was able to prep veg for dinner (although couldn't finish it) I have a long way to go before returning to work as I'm still sleeping and resting in bed between 12-5pm, plus I still have some muscle weakness and aching but this is now in the realms of possibility at least. I actually can see the chance of returning to the person I used to be and it's so god damn exciting.

I realise I will have setbacks and I'm still having bad days (although these were every other day last week and now haven't had one since Sunday!) but the overall trajectory is onwards and upwards. I know how depressing and hopeless you can feel being stuck in bed, feeling terrible and being dependant on everybody for pretty much everything. Please never give up hope and keep doing everything you can to feel well again. It is possible and I haven't even started trying to tackle the Lyme yet!

Good luck to you all


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  • Hello Spanglysplash, I'm not very good with words and sorry to say that I am unable to provide advice to anyone but reading your post made me want to write this wee message just to say that I am so happy for you.

    Look forward to your updates.

    MJ x

  • Thanks for posting, Spangly. It's good to hear you're getting better and looking forward to improvement and its kind to encourage others who may not be too good yet.

  • Positive news. So pleased for you. Try to ease off before you get tired, might make the days more even for you as you progress. And thank you for posting! It is encouraging for us all to hear others improve and note how they have achieved it and hope that our next milestone is just around the corner.

  • I'm trying to have insurance rests. I am prone to overdoing it so you're right I need to take it slowly. Thanks

  • I used to overdo it-so tempting I know!

  • Angie Thats absolutely wonderful news. You're working hard on your recovery and with your positive attitude I'm sure it wont be too long before you are back to your old self Thank you for posting your story it very encouraging for people who are still struggling

  • Hello Spanglysplash,

    Thank you so much for posting this, this means so much, I am so happy for you, it is just what we all need, to hear positive stories and happy outcomes.

    You have obviously put in a lot of work and are reaping the rewards.

    Best wishes

  • That's such good news to know you're on the up again. What's great when we start to feel an improvement is knowing we have the answers to our bad health, because the things we are putting in place are helping us. Knowing the cause to our bad health is half the battle I find. I really wish you well on your healing journey. Do keep us updated, it's so lovely to hear positivity. X

  • Yay!! It's happening!!! This is me too. Counting the gradual successes that are finally happening, to stem the tides of frustration and despair. I read this article recently butyoudontlooksick.com/arti... about struggling with an invisible illness and carefully allocating your energy, and it sounds like your acquiring more spoons! :-) (Will make more sense when you read the article. ;-) )

    Nothing like a health crisis to make us appreciate the smallest things in life, aye? Thank you so much for sharing. You're right, it's so good to know we're not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel with collective wisdom to guide us.

  • Spanglysplash your post made me smile :0) it feels so great after being so ill housebound and bedridden to start making milestones, go girly :0)

  • Hi there spanglysmash....thanks so much for sharing your journey with us all.

    Your positive attitude is creating each step forward that you are making....fantastic.

    Don't forget those little breaks when working .....we all need them and it is amazing how they re energise you to move on again.

    Sincere Best Wishes to you ........a great story to hear.x

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