Does anyone know where I can get a private Lyme disease test in UK?

I think I need the test where they look through the microscope for the actual bacteria???

Really sorry but I know I've been given a lot of info on this before but I can't find it anywhere.

I haven't been on here for quite a while as I've been coping on T3 and just trying to get on with my life after years of useless tests and doubting doctors. However, I'm concerned the T3 won't work forever and is still masking the problem I'm also still unable to do any exercise that increases my heart rate and seem to relapses when menstruating and under stress.

Lyme was suggested to me several times and I still think it might be the answer for me. I was tested on NHS but even the doc said a negative result isn't alway conclusive. I'm now able to pay for a private test but want the most accurate I can get but can't seem to find exact information on where to go and what needs to be done. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you :)

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  • Have you come across this Den - they have a phone number and speaking to someone is always better than communicating over the net - well that what I think anyway.

    I'll have another trawl around the net and see what else I can come up with.

    Moggie x

  • This one look good as well and its says Europe.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Moggie!

    I did see these two but just wasn't sure as there are no prices as such and don't want to have some irrelevant test and get ripped off. I didn't know if there was somewhere anyone could recommend just to be sure. Also initially I was thinking I needed the Western Blot test but have now read that's also not very reliable and the only reliable one is for them to look at a sample through a microscope to see the lyme bacteria.

    Think I'll contact those two though Moggie and see what they say. X x

    Actually just looked at breakspear consultation prices!!! I just want the test, no consult so have emailed them to see if they offer this :)

    And found prices for the other one right at the bottom, so have emailed them as I'm not sure what test they're offering :)

  • Hi All reputable tests are available through Blue Horizon, main site. They do a lot that NHS do not, and some tests are better. They are used as TDL by almost all the private hospitals.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Jackie but it seems they only do the standard blood tests, followed by the Western Blot if there's a positive result. This is the same as the NHS unfortunately. Thank you for the suggestion though :)

  • Hi Did you look on their main site, on the WEB? Not the thyroid one? I would say that if they do not do it ,it is unlikely to be reliable. There is another site that my hospital also recommends

    Called "Lab tests on line"Problem is if you do not use a recognised Lab , no medic will treat on the test. I would e mail, Paul Harris at Blue Horizon. He is also a member of TUK


  • Hi Jackie Sorry, have just seen this! I think I looked on the main site but have now emailed them for advice and to check what they offer. Thank you for all of your advice and hopefully I can get somewhere with this soon :)

  • Good Luck! Jackie

  • Hi does it,they have 2 different tests available. And it's a British based company.

  • Hi Kezza999 and thank you.

    I see they offer the Elisa and the Western Blot but I have read both of these are unreliable :( The other tests I've found seem to be unrecognised, so I don't know if I can trust them or not. Maybe I should just try the Western Blot and just give up if it's negative, it's a lot of money though especially if there's no guarantee it will be accurate. Why is nothing straight

  • Hi DeniseR, I was wondering if you got any further with this. I'm looking into this for my boyfriend who has all the symptoms of Lyme disease but the NHS test came back negative. We're trying to find somewhere to get a private blood test done but struggling to find the right place to go. Any help you can give us would be much appreciated. Thank you

  • Hi Kymp85

    I'm afraid I didn't get much further after enquiring I was told that there is no conclusive test for Lyme. there are lots of different options but some will only do further testing(such as Western Blot), if the the initial blood test is positive, to confirm. And as I said, none of the test including Western Blot is 100% reliable. I'm managing still and reasonably well with T3 but am definitely not cured. This means though that I am able to live my life pretty fully once again and have learnt the signs before I get ill, so I can stop it. My illness only really shows itself now, if I overdo it, exercise more than a little, am stressed or hormonal(women's stuff lol). So I still believe there is something else going on as the T3 hasn't made me 100% well.

    I hope you can find some answers and sorry I couldn't really help. x

  • Hi, Hopefully you will have found the information you needed. I haven't been on this site for about two years, so have only just found your post. Did you find the tests you wanted? We've had to go to the USA for help as the tests in UK are unreliable. You may get tests here, but may also need a prescription for them from a doctor:

    Our trip to USA was very revealing and confirmed chronic Lyme Disease in my daughter, but also chronic Mycotoxin illness, and chronic HHV6 infections, all of them equally dangerous and UNTESTED in the UK. All of these inflammatory conditions can cause thyroid problems as well as as countless other symptoms. I'm happy to send more info if you still need it. Just send me a PM. Jane x

  • Hi Jane

    I've been away for a while too. Great to hear about your results in the U.S.!

    I couldn't find any reliable tests here but did find that T3 has restored my health. Not 100%, I'm not cured but as good as in the fact I can now live a pretty full life again and seem to improve over time!

  • Hi Denise

    I don't see a date on these chats!! how are you getting on with the symptons now?


  • Hi

    Would you mind telling me where you went in the US for your tests please?

    Many thanks


  • Hi Jane,

    Could you give me more info on the US tests you had done please?

    Many thanks


  • Hello Kerry, I'll send you a PM. Jane x

  • I'd be very interested in more info please

  • Hi, I need a bit of advice if you guys don't mind. Back in 2009 from what I can remember I felt different in my brain, like very detached from everything I see and if my brain functioning was different almost like I felt I was sedated or just came out of hospital. Headaches, difficulty concentrating, severe irritability, joint aches, eye dots and floaters, very fatigue and I just feel out of it to the point where I don't feel safe trying a driving test again. I've had a few blood tests done at GP which everything came back ok. Couple of years ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I just feel something else is wrong with me, and I do remember visiting the Lake District around the time my detachment and brain fog started. The doctors have ruled it out and I even feel embarrassed going back to ask for another test. Is there anywhere that specialises with this? I've emailed Lyme disease action and another one you mentioned above. Has there been any new changes here in UK to make it easier for testing and diagnosis? Thanks. Jessica

  • Hi Jessica

    I hope you've found some answers! If not it might be an idea to start a new post as I'm sure someone could help you. I didn't get anywhere with Lyme tests in the UK unfortunately. You should look at your thyroid function too, all these symptoms could be so many things. Explore every avenue, be determined and don't give up!

  • have you contacted lyme i sent them an email and they were helpful

  • Hi Armin Clinic or Labs Germany--no reliable testing in the UK. They think Lyme disease is not a real thing, like it's a sham or like hysteria in the UK.

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