Really feeling ok

I haven't posted for absolutely ages... the reason being that I actually don't feel too bad at all! True, I still have days where I can barely drag myself out of bed, but they are an exception as opposed to the rule.

Being on 75mcg of Levo seems to suit me and I appear to be one of the lucky ones with my treatment and attitude from GPs.

Hope everyone is as well as possible. All the best x

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That is great to hear Joburton and the encouragement to us all, especially new members is so helpful.

Long may it continue for you.

J πŸ€

That's great news. Long may it continue. Whoop!

Fantastic -so glad youre feeling much better πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Thanks for sharing a positive story, it's also good to see someone feeling well on what is generally cited as a 'low' dose - I spent too long thinking I wasn't taking enough because most people take more, but we're all different!

@ mountaingoat83

It's not the amount we take it's whether or not our dose solves our problems. We can all be feeling really poorly at times so, yes, we are all different!!

My TSH is suppressed and the T4 and T3 are creeping up to better levels on this dose. Also supplementing with the recommended combination of vits and minerals (most of the time). What seems to have made the greatest improvement is going gluten free though! x

Did you learn about the gluten-thyroid connection from your doc, or did you learn it from this or another health board?

I was aware of it from this board and other publications. I had been toying with the idea of having to give up bread,etc, but didn't take the plunge until my GP also recommended I try.

It's so reassuring to read a positive comment. Thank you for posting this.

Nice to read 😊 Hope I'll be able to get the adequote amount as well!

Best wishes 😊😊😊

Really great and encouraging for everyone to hear you're feeling good.

I kept a daily diary throughout my treatment - I didn't write a lot, maybe just a line or two - I was being treated for Graves Disease - and it was amazing to look back and see how much I had improved, once you start to feel better you actually forget how awful you felt to begin with.

That's a fact... I was a different person this time last year. Felt so helpless, but now I feel like I have a future. x

You and me both joburton, it's wonderful to hear. I remember when you increased to 62.5 thyroxine, I upped mine a few weeks after you and am still on that but feel so much better than this time last year. x keep on doing what you are doing x so pleased for you x

So pleased to hear you are feeling better too x


I find it very hard to remember most things that happened back when I hadn't been properly medicated. I know that I was like a Zombie and that's really scary.

As they say, good on you, kid!

This is great news JB. Are you still gluten free? Just wondering if this might have helped you?

Yes I am. Best lifestyle change I ever made! It was worth it just to be free of acid reflux to be honest, but the other benefits are immeasureable.

Thats really good to know Jo. I dont eat much gluten (that im aware of) but just maybe the small amount i am consuming is enough to make me feel bad. Really pleased to read you are feeling okay.

I have been really strict with myself - I only slipped when my Son had baked refrigerator cake in food tech... I couldn't resist but paid for it with all over itching, swelling and the dreaded acid :o

Amen to that true.

Thanks Joburton for keeping us in the loop. It's easy to forget that many hypos become well without the intervention of alternatives to levo and the frustration of two steps forward one step back that often seems to happen then. So pleased for you :)

Nice to hear you're doing well, JoBurton, and thanks for posting to give encouragement to others :)

I'm sorry I hadn't done it sooner... I was so involved in getting on with life; I hadn't realised how astonishing it was that I was actually getting on with my life for the first time in years! x

Clutter you were the first to advise me on here. I too have improved without the gluten and taking the supplements recommended. It was you who told me I actually have Hashi's ..something no Endo or GP had told me in over 20 odd years. I will always be grateful to you. I now pass that info on to relatives and strangers. Bless you x you are way up there in my estimation. x


Thank you, I'm glad I was able to help. Real credit really goes to whoever or wherever I came by the information. Sadly, I don't remember who or where.

Hi there just wondering about Hasfield been really sick for 20 yrs but almost housebound bed bound for 5 asked doc yo do some thyroid tests came back subclinically hypothyriod autoimmune tyhgloblin 125 texactly what makes Hashimoto’s

antibodies positive results. TPO Ab and TgAb.

Mango thank you I have lots of other problems but have trouble with records and health board concerned shouldn't I have a thyroid scan also have been anemic for long time low vit d low ferratin bone and spine probably but nothing thsts been attended to I do not have medication except oain killers and loraz to keep me quiet from moaning at docs I know they've made a wrong turn somewhere but it's so hard to prove as soon as I can afford it I will get 12 point test done I'm sleeping all the time but up every 3 hrs or less due to body and brain pain blood not fowling etc have had high lymphocytes and monocyte % out of range for long time to feel I could be helped if just sent in right direction Kim 59 yrs old and desperate to get well to go to Australia and meet my grandchildren and my son I haven't seen for 17 yrs since he married every reason to fight on but getting so painfully weak and tired now it's like a whole different person

Bless you, I know what it's like battling with GP's. Are you able to find a different GP? I was at my lowest last September, I could hardly walk or think straight. This was all due to being under medicated. I got angry and decided to fight back after realising what was going wrong. I owe my life and sanity to the helpful people on this forum. I was so down after years of being told I was depressed and being given drugs for all sorts.. which have given me other issues to deal with. You need a better GP and I hope with all my heart you can find one.

I hadn't seen an Endo since my second lot of RAI over 20 years ago, I refused to leave the surgery until I was referred to see one. During the waiting period I ask for my Thyroxine to be doubled from 25mcg to 50mcg and I started following the advice from the forum. The Endo hasn't really had to do much because I have been improving due to the advice given here. Don't despair my friend because you can get improved health, I never dreamed I would improve this time last year but I feel the benefits now. You are so important and worth much better treatment than what you are getting. It's Boxing Gloves time, I know it's hard and daunting but you can do it. Start by changing GP and then demanding that you get all the test you need. They should provide you with some answers. Take care x

Joburton - GREAT NEWS and am so happy for you! I know that misery only too well, as do so many others on this wonderful site. My doctor has me on 50mcg of levo and I'm feeling so much better with a reading of 0.683 uIU/mL. I'm so relieved!

Hi have been on 50mcg for about 8 weeks now since being diagnosed, can you tell me when yours was increased as last test result came back in the normal range and practice nurse didn't want to up it, but I am feeling dreadful and can't go on feeling this low.

Hi Zizzy1591,

You could write a new post with results and ranges and members will help.

It not fair that you are so unwell and the ' practice nurse' has decided to leave you on 50mcg when you may need an increase.

J 😊

My results were 'normal' also. When I was on 50mcg my results showed reduced TSH, however my T4 hadn't increased and most importantly I still felt like death warmed up. I basically told my GP I wasn't happy with the situation and requested an increase and promised a blood test after 8 weeks. That test showed suppressed TSH and T4 improving. On the strength of that they were happy for me to maintain at 75. Don't settle for the practice nurse's opinion, get yourself back to the GP and explain how you are still significantly symptomatic. Also get your B12, Vit D and iron, etc levels checked.

Thanks J for your reply going to have ECG next week and review in 4 will wait to see how I feel them. Decided not to go back on Sertraline yet as I'm sure thyroid is the root of all this 😊

Hi Jose651 many thanks for your reply, I am now very confused as after a weekend of bad side effects went to see GP this morning, she is someone who knows me very well. She has decided as I had palpitations and severe mood swings that I need to come off thyroxine, as she said my test results were marginal and given me an appointment for ECG next week and to do a review in 4 weeks time, also I had slowly weaned myself off antidepressants for 8 weeks now and she has given me a prescription to go back on them. 😟

No bother Zizzy,

That's a tricky situation to find yourself in. Now that you have put up a post lots of more experienced members will help.

J πŸ‘

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