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Recent test :/


Thanks for replying!

My most recent test.

Iron: 27 L range (40-190mcg/dl)

Transferrin saturation: 8 L (11-50%)

Ths: 2.3 (0.40-4.50miu/l)

T3 total: 67 L (76-181ng/dl)

Ferritin: 8 L (10-154ng/dl)

Vitamin D, 25-OH: 22 L (30-100ng/ml)

My doctor said to just take iron pills and vitamin D. I don't need meds. He completely disregarded my symptoms.

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Vic12, did your GP prescribe iron and vitD or tell you to buy supplements?


Hello clutter,

He told me to buy supplements. And in regards to my low t3 he said, not to worry. I'm always cold and tired so, Im not sure about not worrying.


Vic12, I was under the impression that NHS prescribed when iron and vitD are deficient. You might request a second opinion from another GP.

If you decide to self supplement ask your pharmacist how much iron you need and take 500-1,000mg vitamin C with each tablet to aid absorption and mitigate constipation. Request another iron test in 4-6 months and stop supplementing 2 weeks prior to testing.

I suggest supplementing 10,000iu vitamin D3 daily for 4-6 weeks to build levels and then 5,000iu daily for 6 weeks and then reduce to 2-3,000iu daily.

TSH 2.3 is too high for most who are likely to be comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0. You could request a dose increase but it may be difficult to tolerate until your iron and ferritin levels are better. Read Dr. Toft's comments in Treatment Options in the link below. Email if it would be helpful to have the full Pulse article to show your GP.

I'm afraid I don't understand Total T3 other than I can see yours is below range. Increased Levothyroxine dose should improve your T3.


Clutter, thank you for replying.

I will get the sups. And see how i do. The doctor reluctantly initially gave me a low dose is synthroid but, then said I didn't need it. I haven't fill that prescription yet.


Your doctor is totally wrong. You do need it, and urgently. Get a second opinion.

He should have tested FT3 - not total - so that shows he's not thyroid literate. But if your total is so low, your FT is going to be lower. You need to find someone who knows something about thyroid.


I don't recommend ferrous suphate - it can be very hard on the stomach. Ferrous fumarate (210mg) is much better tolerated, and you can take it up to 3 times a day until you are in the normal range, then once a day. As Clutter says, take some vitamin C with it (unless it already has some in).


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