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Thankyou to everyone for all the useful information I have gleaned from everybody's posts. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 1998 ( I am now 63) and have been m levo ever since ( it took around 2 years to get levels right - a nightmare! I currently take 100 mcg daily. I have put on 1.5 stone over the past 4 years or so and find it impossible to shift ( no surprises!) I have tried on several occasions to convince my doc that I need a bit of extra levo but she flatly refuses to prescribe. I was told by a private doctor I saw for the weight related issues that I would benefit from 'a bit extra' but my GP still wont listen.

I recently requested my T3 and T4 results from my annual blood tests, but in spite of my doctor requesting them they were not done.I am chasing for another test but its a bit like pulling teeth!

My test results came back thus:

TSH: 2.15

Vit D : 51 ( sub optimal but no advice as to how best to supplement though I am now taking daily tablets

Vit B 12: 209ng

Ferritin: 53

I have had a longstanding battle with over acidity of my stomach and have had two endoscopies in the past 3 years indicating lesions .I take a daily dose of Ranitidine. I am convinces there is a link between what I feel is my slightly low thyroid state and the stomach.

I am considering seeing a doctor privately to try and get this sorted out.I live in West London and if anyone can make a recommendation I would be grateful.(I saw Dr P a few years ago but found his treatment didn't work for me)

Hope I havent rambled too much



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I agree that your stomach problems are likely due to your sluggish thyroid. The cause is most likely low stomach acid rather than high stomach acid and is very common in hypothyroidism. It can cause deficiencies in various vitamins and minerals due to reduced absorption.

If you are supplementing with vitamin d it should be D3 rather than D2. You should also make sure you are getting enough vitamin k2 and magnesium. If you are taking ranitidine it is likely you are deficient in magnesium and other vitamins and minerals and this, along with the low stomach acid, will be inhibiting absorption. Sunlight is another good way to increase your vitamin D level, if you can find some!

Your vitamin b12 is far to low to be healthy although it may be just within the normal range. If it is in range you are unlikely to be offered further tests to find the cause or B12 injections. You may have to supplement yourself. I take a sublingual methyl B12 supplement that dissolves in the mouth to bypass the stomach so absorption shouldn't be an issue. It is also a good idea to take a B vitamin complex as you are likely deficient in other B vitamins too. B vitamins work together so it is important to make sure you have good levels of all of them.

Your ferritin is ok but could be a little higher. Your iron level may well drop a bit when you start taking the B vitamins so a modest supplement or iron rich diet may be beneficial.

Your symptoms may be due to your low B12 and vitamin D as well as a sluggish thyroid. You may find that you feel a lot better as these levels improve.

Keep an eye on your thyroid function as it may deteriorate with time. If you can get t4 tested too, this would give a better idea of your thyroid function. Both should always be tested but some areas only seem to test TSH, which is potentially dangerous as other forms of hypothyroidism can be missed. NICE guidelines state both should be tested.

If your TSH goes above range but below 10 (the cutoff for treatment) here are the guidelines for treatment. This includes trial of thyroxine where clinical symptoms are present.

I hope that helps

Carolyn x


I meant to say that experts believe B12 level should be above 500. Levels below this can cause neurological problems among others.

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Thankyou again for your mega helpful reply.I was wondering how significant my folate result was to my symptoms.? it came back 13.8.

All best Alex


That's actually pretty good :)


Hi Alex

Louise Warvill has a list of UK endocrinologists & Private Doctors who have been recommended by other members of this forum. You will need to email her.

I agree your TSH looks higher than optimal, despite no range posted. Those who are medicated hypothyroid patients usually find it more comfortable to have their TSH at 1 or less.

Do you have any another prevailing Hypothyroid symptoms other than weight gain and stomach issues?

Also, have you tried upping your own T4 by 12.5mcg or 25mcg to see if you feel better?

Lastly, even without ranges, your B12 and Ferritin are suboptimal and need supplementing. Your B12 in particular is very low, try supplementing with a sublingual spray, to bypass the gastric route. Your Thyroxine may work better if you get your levels up.

Rachel x


Also, re T3 testing.

It is a nightmare with labs. Despite me being on T3 and my GP requesting T3 be tested, the lab overrules the GP. Ridiculous !

There are various private blood testing companies that do the finger prick testing Thyroid profile if you want to DIY e.g. Blue Horizon & Medichecks. The former offers a discount to Thyroid UK members.


Thankyou so much to everyone for helpful replies.My TSH range looks like: 0.27 - 4.2 =- doc always argues I am in the middle of the range.I havent tried adding extra ( though a couple of times brain fog has led me to to forget I have taken my morning levo and I have taken it twice! ( I feel great for a couple of days double dosing,all symptoms disappearing then dreadful for another 5 or so!)

Other symptoms of hypothyroid state are: tiredness, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, dry skin, brittle flaky nails

I will definitely take advice re B12 and other vits and minerals and see if that helps

I will email Louise Warvill for private doc list.

Thanks again, this is very helpful..



Your TSH is too high for someone on thyroxine. Your doctor should adjust your dose until symptoms have gone whilst keeping your TSH in range (although sometimes TSH needs to be below range for some people on thyroid medication). There is plenty of room for an increase in thyroxine. The fact that you feel better for a few days after taking a double dose does suggest that you need a higher dose.


Hi Carolyn, great to hear from you.I have told my GP how much better I felt for a couple of days on the double dose( hey I could think straight and amazed my partner with my energy!) However she is determined that I shouldnt have more thyroxine. She says her concern is the strain it may put on my heart.I dont really buy that at all, my heart is in excellent shape and I told her I was prepared to try increasing my dose at my own risk anyway.........perhaps its worth trying another doctor in the practice and if that fails then I need to consider going private.

In the meantime I will boost Vit B levels, especially B12 - also Vit D.Are there optimum doses for bringing levels up? I have been taking 3000 iu of Vit D 3 for 2 weeks now but unsure of best level for B12

Good to know folate levels are OK.

Thanks so much again....



I take 5000iu of B12. Your current dose of vitamin D sounds quite reasonable.

Another doctor in the practice may be willing to increase your dose so it's worth a try. Provided your t3 is within range and you don't have any symptoms of too much thyroid hormone there should be no risk to your heart. In fact, being under medicated is more likely to cause problems. I had cardiac issues that turned out to be due to my thyroid. Those are mostly rectified now that my thyroid is properly treated.


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