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can anyone help me with supplement advice?

can anyone help me with supplement advice?

my latest bloods are as follows-

iron 17.8 / 10-28

transferrin 2.77 / 2.0-4.0

ferritin 97 /20-300

b12 528/180-2000

folate 11.0/ 2.8-20

transferrin saturation 25%

tsh 1.6 /0.2-4.5

ft4 12 /9-21

t31.6 /0.9-2.4

selenium 1.45 /0.8-2.0

so I am thinking to supplement as follows and would ask for any comments, advise or additions?

I need as much help as possible as I really am not sure as to exactly what I should be taking and I am happy for help and advice as to the way forward-

nutrithyroid or ndt


b complex





good quality multivit- I am over 50(58) and believe I am supposed to take multi vit with low iron-is this correct?

also can anyone pm me with suppliers?

thank you so much

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Make that D3 - it's the better one. And as you're taking D3 and magnesium, add in a little zinc and boron - and Don't forget the vit K2 - they all work together.

Multi-vitamins are only for maintenance. They Don't contain enough of anything to correct deficiencies. Also, they often contain iodine, which you Don't want to take without testing to make sure you need it. If you're iron is low, you need to supplement with an iron supplement and vit C. You need lots of vit C, anyway.

Nutri thyroid and NDT are not the same thing. Nutri-Thyroid, in theory, contains no hormones. And you need hormones because both your FT4 and FT3 are below mid-range (FT3 only by 0.01, but still!)


thanks greygoose that s really helpful -will make sure I get that organised and get started!!




This link might be helpful too:-

Others will respond to your results but if you supplement with B12 it should be methylcobalamin and not cyanocobalamin sublingual or spray as sometimes our stomachs have been affected. We cannot overdose on B12, excess is excreted.

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thanks shaws-could it be methylcobalamin spray or drops?


If they have drops that would be fine also.


thank you!


It doesn't look as though you need extra iron. Your ferritin level at 97 is quite high enough, suggesting that either your diet contains enough meat etc and you have no absorption problems, or that you have been taking iron supplements recently and reached a very robust level already. If you take a general supplement, I would say buy one without iron. Too much iron isn't good for you - just as too little iron is very bad for you.

Why do you think you are low in magnesium? You haven't tested for it here, and it looks as though you have a good diet. Better eat some magnesium rich foods than buy supps unless there is a proven depletion, or you have symptoms which seem to link to low levels of a nutrient for which no reliable test is available.

D3 you should be able to top up from now on free from sunshine - and that is much the best way, so long as you don't have skin cancer or rosacea or photo sensitivity.

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thank you aspmama


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