Natural Sources Raw Thyroid

Does anyone know how much T3 and T4 there are in these tablets? I have read somewhere that the suppliers are not allowed to put it in their literature because that would classify it as a medicine and then they wouldn't be allowed to sell it.

My doctor has flatly refused to prescribe me NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid) so am going to give this a try.


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  • Hi tyronecvc, you'll find the T3 and T4 content of various brands listed on this page:

  • I wasn't aware that "Natural Sources Raw Thyroid" was a branded product. I've only just made this realisation.

  • Tyronecvc,

    There's no way of knowing how much active ingredient is in Raw Thyroid. Have you considered buying NDT online without prescription?

  • Hi Clutter,

    Have been looking to find somewhere to buy NDT without prescription but cannot find anywhere (UK Chemists will not sell), can you suggest anywhere ?


  • That's right what you say about not being allowed to state the amount of T4/T3 in this kind of product, due to classification from being a food supplement to a medicine.

    From what I've learned is that this kind of product will have generally a lower amount of T4 and T3 than a prescription NDT, so you may find you need to take a higher quantity of capsules/tablets than NDT. The potency can vary too from batch to batch, so a bit of a gamble but better than nothing if you can't get a prescription. There are other brands of this type to try if this particular brand doesn't work for you: Thyrovanz, Nutri-meds and Metavive.

  • surely ns rt has no thyroid hormone in it all ? it is a dietary supplement.

  • Hi folks,

    Thanks for all the replies. I can't see Natural Sources Raw Thyroid listed on the page so think info on T3/T4 is not going to be available otherwise it would be a medicine and they would not be allowed to sell it.

    I have not been able to find any way to buy NDT in the UK, either through pharmacies (will not sell without a prescription) or on the internet from abroad. If anyone does have a source please let me know.


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