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GP has OK'd Natural Thyroid - need your help please.

Went to GP yesterday and she has agreed that it is OK for me to try natural thyroid meds. I now need to know where to get them, which brand and how much to take - I take 50/75 levo. at the moment. I have toyed with the idea for ages but she has given the go-ahead (I'll have to pay of course) but she was so helpful. When I started on levo. 5 years ago TSH was 8 and T3 and T4 were normal so I wonder if this has made a difference to her decision, I am alright on Levo. but would prefer be take natural medication. I would be very grateful of your advice/experiences. Thanks in advance, Jax

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Would your doctor be willing to give you a prescription and you can pay for the NDT yourself?



No I am afraid not Shaws. Do you know of a supplier of NDT please.


Put up a new post asking for a Private Message to be sent to you. There are quite a few NDTs Armour being the most expensive I believe. There is also Erfa, Nature-throid, Wpure, produced in the USA , Thiroid and Thyroid S from Thailand .



If you ask your Dr to prescribe Levothyroxine sodium 38 microgram/ Liothyronine

9 micrograms

This will help the pharmacy beat the black list allocation of Armour Thyroid which is the black listed variant. Not all Dr's know this?

I hope this is helpful as I have been on this medication for about 18 months and my life has been transformed


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Thanks Milbrook but she won't do this. I will have to find a supplier myself. Regards, Jax


Hi Jacquelis2

Have you tried asking her for the Levothyroxine sodium 38 microgram/ Liothyronine 9 micrograms

If she still doesn't go to the pharmacy nearest to you and ask the pharmacist who will have a list of suppliers if you give him the above

I will go ask my pharmacist if he can give me the supplier

Sorry never thought of that before so will try that later for you

If no luck with Dr then unfortunately change Dr's as not all will not prescribe this

Many thanks



If your doctor will give youba prescription for Armourbyou can get it from pharmacists including on line ones.Otherwise you can buy from the internet e.g. Thyroid S and Thiroid from Thailand which are much cheaper than Armour.There are other suppliers in the US of other brands.

But if you are ok on levo why change?


Thanks for the info. Treepie. Thought it might be better in the long-term to take a natural product. Regards, Jax x


I get it on the NHS. You could maybe go back and say other friends on NDT get an NHS prescription on a named basis. Other than that, a private GP would give you a private prescription. You can't really say a GP is supportive of you taking meds if they won't write the prescription!


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