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Can anyone tell me about dessicated thyroid


Hi Can anyone tell me if you can just buy dessicated thyroid online or do you need a letter from your gp. Also how do you go about taking it do I just stop taking levithyroxine and start on the natural thyroid. I am totally confused about this.

I am always tired and depressed and need to sort this out .

Thank you


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Yes I believe some people buy there ndt from abroad.... Without a gp prescription. I get mine from my gp though so can't direct you myself.

Ask ya GP for some first!

ameliarose in reply to sporty333

Hi thank you, I went to my gp today and he had never heard of dessicated thyroid, or any of the other names used ie. efra, ndt, armour. He looked up in his drug book and nothing like that was listed.

He has agreed to do a lot of blood tests on me such as vit 12, iron etc.

So hopefully something may show up.

thanks again



Desiccated thyroid is a prescription medicine.

(There are some products which are claimed to be made from desiccated thyroid but have the hormones removed so are regarded as food supplements.)

Desiccated thyroid is not licensed in the UK. It can be prescribed by a doctor (NHS or private) but there is much controversy about it. If prescribed by a doctor, it is pretty much the same as for any other medicine. Most UK pharmacies would be able to obtain one or other make of desiccated thyroid quite easily - usually within a few days.


It is possible to obtain it abroad without a prescription.

It is perfectly legal to purchase from abroad for personal use.

Others are far better placed to answer the how to change over question. Typical suggestions are that 1 grain of desiccated thyroid (approx.60 milligrams) is somewhere in the region of 75 to 100 micrograms of levothyroxine for changeover purposes. But that is really a broad guide and it might be a bit different for you.

You really do need to understand what you are doing before going any further. Do plenty of reading.

Some people do brilliantly on desiccated thyroid, but always be aware that everyone is different.


ameliarose in reply to helvella

Hi thanks so much for all your help and information, I will be doing a lot more research.

What dose of Levo are you on? Maybe it is not high enough for you?

I am on 200mcg Levo and it doesn't work for me. I am switching to NDT next month when I next see Dr S.

Hi I am on 100 mcg. but when I saw my GP today he said I may need to reduce it to 75

he is doing more tests so maybe I am on too much I just know I really do not feel great. I am on a statin which he thinks could be causing my aches and pains and I am also on an antidepressant which he said may be causing my hair to thin, he has suggested trying to reduce my other tabs to see if they are affecting me. I still think the underlying problem is my dose of levo dose which they have not got right.

Where is Dr. S based and is he expensive ?

Thanks for your replly



I am seing Dr S tomorrow and hope to be able to go onto NDT and I cant wait. I think that 35 ys on T4 and feeling ill is enough.

Amelia - read a lot and try your GP before you go with self medication. There is a lot on it, particularly from Dr Peatfield. The other way is to see a Dr privately such as Dr Skinner.


Karispitit in reply to roslin

I know how you feel Roslin. I can't wait. I am like a little girl looking forward to Xmas. I am so excited. I just hope it works for me. Please post how you are getting on with it. I would live to know.

ameliarose in reply to roslin

I know how you feel it must be about 35 years on T4 for me too.

As you will see from my other replies I went to the GP today and he is doing lots of blood tests. I would like to go privately but not sure of the cost.

I was going to see Dr Peatfield at the beginning of the year but was put off as he cannot do tests or prescribe but would like to find out a bit more about Dr Skinner.(where is he based?)

I would love to know how you get on with Dr. S perhaps you could let me know.

Ros x

Dear Ameliarose,

I have deleted my previous comment as I have just confirmed with my supplier that the product that I was using does not contain any hormones. Sorry for any confusion.



Hi thanks

how are you feeling now..


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