Natural Dessicated Thyroid and Taste Distortions?

Hi all, has anyone experienced changes in your taste or smell since starting on natural dessicated thyroid? I've been using Thiroid by Greater Pharma for 6 months now, and about 4 months ago noticed changes in the way I taste and smell things. I wonder if this can be related to my new NDT medication? Can this be a side effect? It's a metallic like taste in my mouth most of the time, and I have noticed that any frying smells, fried food and smoke in particular all smell /taste similar with each other and quite different to what they used to! It's a very strange observation and could of course be completely unrelated. Otherwise I am well and have found my life quality imrove noticeably since starting the natural dessicated thyroid! Just curious to see if anyone else has noticed this or knows what this could be about?

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  • PastelOak,

    Hypothyroid patients do sometimes have disruption to taste and smell. I'm not sure it is linked to NDT rather than Levothyroxine or Liothyronine.

  • Thanks Clutter! My taste symptoms started at similar time as starting NDT. I wonder if that's the reason, curious!

  • PastelOak,

    Perhaps you should try a different brand.

  • Not a bad idea! Thanks will look into that.

  • Hey! yes I have had a similar thing with NDT. Not just the taste/smell sensitivities but I would have a weird after taste from the NDT even hours later.

  • Interesting indeed! Thanks for commenting, kind of glad I'm not the only one with these ghost smells and tastes. :)

  • I know! It's really tough to decipher what is what. Since this all started for me I have pretty much put everything down to being hypo, but the issues also chop and change, like for example I used to get stabbing pains up and down my legs - those have pretty much gone but now I am getting weird dull thud like aches up my arms....and I have never had that before. I also wonder, if maybe now I am just more 'tuned' into things, so I notice so much more. I wish there was some clear-cut way of knowing what was attributed to what, but there is still so much that we don't know so, it feels a lot like guess work!

  • You are absolutely right! Difficult to know what is what and if thyroid, the medication or sonething completely else is to blame. Sometimes my husband thinks I'm going mad tellling about all these strange symptoms. Luckily a majority of the seem to have gone away since straying the NDT. Its great to have a group like this isn't it!

    Have you tried magnesium for your aches? I have similar issues from time to time, but that seems to help.

  • yes am a huge fan of the mag! My vit D levels have gone waaaay down, so I think it may be that. Am supplementing again x

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