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Nature-Throid in other countries?

Where I live, it is illegal to import prescription drugs, so I'd hesitate to order from a country outside the EU. I found a pharmacist willing to order NT even though the prescription was for Armour, but I am not sure if that will last...I'd prefer to find a doctor to prescribe it if it really turns out to work well for me. I am not sure my doctor is liberal enough to prescribe an NDT not available I am just trying decide what my options are. Logically, pharmacists should be able to order any bio-identical drug, and NT and Armour are considered 100% bio-identical as far as I know, but every pharmacy seems to have rules and regulations on its own...

I don't know if there are only members here from the UK, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that Nature-Throid is available by prescription in France? Is there anyone here from France, or who knows if that is the case? If so, I'd love to find out about doctors prescribing it.

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As far as I know NDT is not prescribed in France and someone will correct me if I am wrong. In the UK if a doctor who is willing to provide on a 'named patient basis' can prescribe NDT. These doctors are few and far between. It is rarely prescribed in the UK.

The British Thyroid Association make false statements about NDT which has been in use since 1892 in various forms with success. The pharmaceutical companies have been rigorous in their techniques for stating that levothyroxine is the 'best' when some of the users have found, for them, that it's not the best. Some of us cannot get better with synthetic hormones

In the UK you can source NDT from abroad for your own use but information must not be posted freely on the forum. Details can be communicated by Private Message only.

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Desiccated thyroid is illegal in France.

This has been confirmed several times by members who live in France. It matters not one iota what make.


By the way, what is a "bio-identical drug" in your terms?


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