Nature-throid reformulated as well?

I read on the STTM that Nature-throid was reformulated shortly after Armour, and that more cellulose was added. However, most seem to be doing fine on NT (even better than on Armour?)

Does anyone know of a pharmacy carrying Nature-throid (and possibly also WP Thyroid) in the UK shipping to other EU countries? Unfortunately, them are not available in Belgium (only Armour and Erfa are).

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Thecat, NatureThroid is supplied to UK pharmacies by specialist medicines importers. I doubt they distribute outside of the UK but you can check them yourself as they are listed in this link

I also wonder if it is recommended to chew Nature-Throid up as well?

Anna, not by the manufacturer RLC. A member contacted them a year or so ago to ask and was advised NT is designed to be swallowed whole with a glass of water.

Anna, have you seen the new poll?

OK, like Armour then, which the manufacturer also recommends we simply swallow. I was more thinking about the advice from patients to chew the pills up in order to break down the coating...

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