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I have seen some people here on Nature-Throid. STTM says it was reformulated shortly after Armour, but it does not seem to have the same problems as Armour? I never really understood what the reformulation of NT was about, but it seems it's still hypo allergic?

Those of you who have tried NT, would you recommend it? Does anyone know how it compares to Erfa?

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We are all different. I tried several NDTs but I liked Naturethroid (it is still hypoallergenic) a lot because it suited me best. I tried Erfa which was good too.

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OK, thank you! Did you try Erfa before or after the alledged reformulation?

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I don't know when it was reformulated but was about 4 or 5 years ago.

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OK, that should be before the alledged reformulation which, if I'm not mistaken, happened last year or possibly 2014...?

I've just seen on - with a link headed, top 5 Thyroid products (supplements)

Being the sceptic I am with medical based websites that don't have HonCode or Trusted logos, I'm not sure how genuine the site or products are.

However there are a couple of charts there with different thyroid products mentioned, plus the prices they sell for, and a user rated chart. Thyraid comes,out top.

Perhaps someone else would like to check out as well and comment on it!

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That sounds interesting but, as far as I can see, Thyraid does not contain actual thyroid hormone, so I am not sure how effective it would be for hypothyroid patients (except as a support product, maybe?)

Ashwagandha, as far as I know, is commonly used in adrenal support products. Forskoli (not sure about spelling) is included in Dr. Lowe's ThyroGold.

I think this product can work to support your own thyroid, provided you have enough thyroid function left, possibly in junction with prescription thyroid meds. I doubt it will be enough on its own, though, if you suffer from primary hypothyroidism.


(Just as a quick aside, Nature-throid is about a quarter of the price of Armour)

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Good to know, as Armour is terribly expensive nowadays, at least in Belgium:-(

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hidden, what are you taking?

I started off on Armour but when there was trouble getting it I changed to Nature-throid and have been on this for the past 12 years. It seems to suit me and its cheaper than Armour.

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Thank you!

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Catlover, Are you still happy with nature-throid? What is the expiration date of your current pills?

I have been on Nature Throid for some time and find it much better than Levothyroxine but I've not had any experience of other products. I did not know it had been reformulated and have not noticed any difference.

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Thanks a lot!

I also take Nature Throid and I like it. :)

All the talk of reformulating confuses so many people. It's simply a question of finding what suits you, and from time to time, sometimes inexplicably, some brands stop suiting so well.

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So true...! :-)

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