price of Nature-Throid?

Ok, so I contacted a pharmacy and was told they would be able to order Nature-Throid even if my prescription is for Armour or Erfa, but only 30, 60, and 90 mg pills. A two months' supply will cost me 564€ (ca 400 £). That means that, if I do great on Nature-Throid and want to stay on it, I will have to pay ca 2400 £ a year...can that really be correct?! I thought Armour and Erfa were expensive, but they "only" cost me about 2000€/1600 £ a year...

When calculating the price, I assumed I'd need as much Nature-Throid as Erfa or Armour (7.5 grains of Armour and 8 grains of Erfa).

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Anna, I think NatureThroid is considerably cheaper than Armour on the open market. Perhaps the Belgium healthcare system subsidise the cost of Erfa and Armour? It's likely you will need as much NT as you do Armour or Erfa, perhaps more, as some people have suggested that NT is less potent.

Yes, that is what I have heard as well...which is why I was so surprised to find out about the price of Nature-Throid...I don't think I will go down that road...

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I pay £35/month for 1.5 grains which is a much lower dosage but I tried to use a local pharmacy and they quoted £100/month for the same prescription (and make - naturethyroid). So it probably pays to shop around a bit (I get mine from a pharmacy in New Maldon by post!)


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