So I ordered a bottle of Nature Throid. I think I made a mistake in use, cost and shipping, because I only ordered one bottle of 1/2 grain, 100 pills. To give it a fair shake, how much should I buy and what strength, in order find out if this is helpful? The delivery is up to 3 weeks, so I think I need to just place another order. I noticed Armour is over 100 bucks. Is this normal and is the new Armour better than the others? I also noticed they'll be selling T3-Pro (T3 only) but it's not available yet, but you can pre-order it.

Any thoughts on what would've been a better purchase? I just know I screwed this one up.

Thank you

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  • Hi marval, I think Naturethroid is fine. I understood the Armour was purchased and I'm assuming the new regime has decided to make it a moneymaker now that NDT is coming back from the dark ages. At least that is what is happening with other old drugs.

    I've taken Armour or Erfa for many years and now on Naturethroid. RLC is a good company.

    I think costs depend on quantity and dosage so find the best value for your needs.

  • I think I'll have to place another order for a bottle of 1 grain. That should be enough to see if this is a good choice for me. I'm a bit fuzzy on the transition, but I kinda get it. Just have to sit down and do the math and write out a plan.

    I'm worried about more hair loss though. I experienced some on Synthriod. It did stop after I changed to Unithroid (generic) but my hair is diffusely thinner and has taken on a new texture and pattern. I hope NDT helps rather than more thinning. So scary to me......Ug.

    I just don't feel well on T4 so I might as well give NDT a trial.

    Thank you, Heloise.

  • You're welcome. Clutter is very good with the math part, lol, if you give your recent dosage and test results. I thought it was one grain ndt = 100 mcgs. T4 but it could be more like one grain=75 mcgs. Some reduce one while increasing the other. I just went straight to dropping one and taking equal dose of the other.

    The hair loss seems to be a BIG puzzle as I have yet to find the secret. Increased T4 seems to effect it but may be because conversion isn't good. Do you have any idea of how well your adrenals are functioning? I'm thinking they could have more of an impact on hair growth.

  • My adrenal gland (i had one removed) is working, but not sufficiently. Adding 10mg to morning T4 has really helped with painful joints, mostly. It doesn't do anything to my energy. I thought to transition rather than trade off one for the other. From what I gather, if I take 75, I take away a 1/4 of that, so I take 50 and then add 1/2 grain. Do this for two weeks (maybe less) and then take away another 1/4 and take 25 and 1 grain NDT and then in two weeks go full NDT one 1/2 grain, and see how I do there. Do people normally take 2 grains a day?

    Thanks Heloise.

  • Sidenote, according to my latest thyroid labs I'm low-mid range on T3 and T4, so I just started taking 100. By the time NatureThroid gets here I guess my transition will be different from 75.

  • So you have just raised you T4 to 100 mcg. so let's said you are about equal to one grain of NDT, more or less. Your body just has to adapt to the 9 mcgs of T3 you will be gaining from one grain of NDT. This will have some impact in a short time. Your FT4 and FT3 levels may show you are converting okay but just needed more hormone working for you. (Was that test taken on only 75 mcgs of levo?) If so, you may do well on one grain but it's probably more likely you will end on one and a half or two which I think are common.

  • Yes, I was taking 75mcg everyday for two months. After the results, I upped to 100 myself, because I thought they could be a little better.

    Do you think it's better to just switch right over?

  • I think you were wise to increase. These are things that a doctor can't really tell you and don't want to listen you as a matter of fact. I'm not a medical professional but I can't think of a reason not to. Even though you are not used to T3, it is so much more effective than T4 I think it is worth going for it.

    You know if you feel uncomfortable, you can always go back to some T4 but I really doubt it.

    If you want to be more conservative and since you have the 1/2 grain pills, you could take one per day for a few days and if all goes well, take two per day and see how it goes.

  • You mean right along with the T4? I am def glad I upped to 100. Although I don't feel great, brain fog just plagues me, it is already keeping away the carpal tunnel tingles and cold hands/feet. I can't wait to try it.

  • Oh no, this is if you want to switch right over. I agree with Shaws and that's also what I did but I had been on T4 for six years. Since you have only been at this for two months, I don't think your body is even that used to taking T4 so it really won't be a shock in my opinion.

    Be brave, lol.

    Look, you are building up blood levels by taking your daily pill but you are also losing some each day also, so what you take for one day is not important. What you take for six months is what counts. From the blood, it is then going into the cells, hopefully, and that is where it really makes a difference. Cortisol is very important in correct amounts and also iron levels will help to convert your FT4 to FT3. All these things have to work together.

  • In Sept 2015 the endo Dx me and started me on 50mcg Levo. In late October I saw another doc, she put me on 75 Synthroid, and told me to keep increasing the T4 every two weeks by 25mcg, and also take a mid-day dose of 25, to keep doing this till I felt better. In the meantime I saw another doc (one from STTM book). She told me 75 was good and also said 25 mid-day. I scratched my head between the both of them. So I got up to 125 by Dec and my hair was thinning and I felt terrible. My labs said high T4, high/normal T3, and low TSH, RT3 16. I stopped going to the one who said keep taking T4. The one doc said bring it back down to 50 for one week then go back up to 75 a day. I've been doing that ever since. In the meantime I added 10mg cortisol to morning T4 and it really helped my pains, so it's def part of the equation for me. So I've been taking T4 since Sept. Not once have I felt any better, and I look raggedy. : ( My upper eyelids are heavier looking, my eyebrows thinner, my hair is thinner, lower eyelids are droopy. Relentless brain fog and fatigue. No stamina. My antibodies are still off the charts. I was faithful to GF since Sept, but gave in to biscuits w/honey and butter one morning, since then I do a sandwich, or a pizza once in a while, so IDK if that's why I have high ab's. Keep wondering about taking this PMG Thytrophin that is supposed to lower ab's but not sure how it will effect me.

    I have checked my iron back in Sept, all the various things were fine. I do take liquid B12 methyl once or twice a week. I should get all those things taken again. Does taking T4 do something to red blood cells? Like lower them? Thank you for the video, I'll watch it.

  • As you increase your hormone to find your optimal dose, you have to depend on your cortisol to tolerate the amount you are taking. If it cannot (because you do not have reserve energy) the T4 will go to reverse T3. I think that's why you had those effects. Some experts say you should not even start thyroid hormone UNTIL your adrenals are functioning well.

    Maybe that is why you also have a problem with the antibodies. I don't know what you meant by:

    Keep wondering about taking this PMG Thytrophin that is supposed to lower ab's but not sure how it will effect me.

    Here is a little about antibodies:

  • Yes it has now become clear to me to I must keep supplementing cortisol, for various reasons. I too have read that the adrenals should be in order first, before treating the thyroid. Which is why I'm quite bewildered that my endo wants me to taper from it. He thinks 10mg is too much?? Would rather me be at 7.5. I think he's the reason we have all the doctors we do... I mean he teaches interns. They merely regurgitate what they're taught. I only have a couple refills left. I told him I am probably going to be adrenal insufficient for life, he said no you won't. Well, at the same place I bought NDT, I saw that they sell Hyrdocort in 5mg tabs. So I bought some just in case. I think I have seen this exact video before. He explains things pretty well.

    What I'm talking about with PMG Thyrotrophin is in this video here. Tell me what you think of this. Supposed to help lower antibodies.

  • Why doesn't he just say what to do? Or does he in another video. I've had the TPOab test twicebut not Thyrogloblulin (Sp?). Either way, I've def got ab's through the roof. I don't have any mercury fillings in my mouth, had them all removed. I thought since I had stuck with GF for a few months there maybe they lower than the >600 threshold, but they weren't. Was the same. Perhaps I really should get on this AIP diet. Sounds tough, but I think I can handle it. Just have to get in the right frame of mind to gear up. I need to read more about it.

  • He appears to be a functional medicine type doctor like Dr. Clark who doesn't attempt to diagnose on the internet. He has many more videos on you tube and maybe goes into them at more length. I just copied the 24 in the series.

    I really have never heard of PMG or anything like it. Very interesting.

    Stress and estrogen are certainly related and stress can include chemicals but modern life adds so much hyperactivity.

    A good night's sleep used to be enough stress relief for most people but not any longer.

    The gall bladder problem is rarely talked about and bile is very important so there probably is something to it. I've seen supplements that induce bile.

    Have you tried the PMG? I'd have to investigate. LDN is the only substance I've heard of that directly relates to autoimmune disease.

    I've been so badly managed over the years that I have almost quit doctors entirely. Mine allows me to request tests so occasionally I see her for that.

  • I've seen this particular doctor, he's a chiropractor and he's really neat. One of his accupressure techs really helped my neck. I am quite intrigued by this PMG. I've thought to call his office. But I'm sure he'll just say Yes, try it! When I saw him I didn't have Hashimoto's.

    I too feel it's such a struggle to find any good doctor. Yep, the one I see other than the endo, she is very open to trying new things, but I want her to focus on my thyroid and adrenal problem vs getting other things out of the way first. Lyme was her big deal w/me, and she has written me Rx for LDN, but I never got it filled. Just afraid to even though I've heard good things.

  • I guess I've heard of Dr. Berg before. I'm going to watch more of his videos as his take on dysfunction spells it out nicely. I'll look up more PMG.

    LDN is really old and very safe and I've been reading about it for at least ten years. Many people here have mentioned it.

    Lately I've been reading about biofilm. It causes massive and difficult to treat problems. Lyme may have those involved. Does she know about the Gordon Clinic in CA? Or is it Dr. Gordon.....hmmm I'll have to look that up.

    This is all such a big mess and not enough doctors taking charge. Not enough money in it I guess.

  • If you have not had T3 before, introduce it VERY slowly!! My doc switched me straight over and it was nasty, I learned the hard way. xx good luck with it x

  • It's NDT. Did you use T3 only? Did it help your hair?


  • No I was taking eltroxin for 10 years, and changed to armour, which has T3 in it, eltroxin has no T3 so my body had never had it. Gp told me straight swap 100mg eltroxin = 1 grain armour. Told me straight swap 2 grains as I was taking 200mg eltroxin. That was the BIG mistake, I suffered big time, took me 3 months to sort it out, should have introduced the armour slowly!! I'm up to 2 grains now but it took me a few months to get here x

  • What dose of T4 are you on as it is quite straight-forward to switch from T4 to NDT in one day.

  • I have been on 75 for the past two months. My latest labs revealed low/mid range T4 and T3, so I've since gone up to 100 T4 daily.

    I just thought maybe it's better to transition over, not quite so 'shocking' to hair follicles, maybe. IDK. Do most people just switch straight over?

  • Most people do. 100mcg on levo is around 1gr of NDT, so if you wish you start on that (take your pulse/temp first) so you have a starting point. You can rise by 1/4 or 1/2 gr every two weeks. If your pulse should go too fast or you feel too hot (if your temp has risen) you drop back to previous dose. It is 'how you feel' which is the best way to judge with clinical symptoms gone. However, you can judge what you think is best.

    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"

  • OK. I might just do it that way instead. Thank you! I can't wait to try it.

  • 1 grain Nature-throid (approx 65mg) is 38mcg of T4 and 9mcg of t3.

    I've wroked up to 2 grains a day = 76 mcg of t4 equivalent. I feel okay on this and have a little wriggle room according to my last bloods to add 0.5 grains more.

    I started on it 4 weeks ago and feel pretty good. I initial purchase was for 100 x 1 grain and 100 x 0.5 grain. I was pretty conservative just incase it didn't agree: I didn't want to be stuck with a load of meds.

    I've just purchased more Nature-throid; 200 x 2 grains and will purchase enough at some point to get me through 12 months.

    I'd purchase more but kinda worry that it'll get stuck in customs - so I'll buy smaller amounts more often.

    This NDT brought my t3 up and I can really feel the difference.

    Are you transitioning because of your 1 adrenal gland? Most people just stop taking their levo one day and take purely NDT the next.

  • P.S. I think you made a good choice. It's hypo-allergenic and (so far) hasn't been fiddled with. It's also a good price.

    I wouldn't touch Armour as there's too much controversy surrounding it and it's far too expensive.

  • Thanks, good to know. I just hope it's the real thing. Says it's Made in USA but ships from HK.

  • I want to transition to NDT just to see how I will feel. My Cortisol, is not bad, but it def needs a boost. My temps are a bit more normal. Just prior to my latest labs (after taking 75 T4 for two months straight) I did begin to get cold hands and feet right around 5pm every day, just like before I was dx'd w/Hashimoto's. The latest results revealed low-mid range T4 and T3 so I just started taking 100 everyday. Yesterday, the cold hands/feet didn't happen, so I think 100 might be what's good for me, but I just don't feel 'well' regardless of my numbers, so I want to see if NDT is better for me.

    Thank you.

  • Hi could you message me where you buy your nature throid from please and the price also if you don't mind ☺

  • Are you on levo alone? The t3 in your ndt may help.

    Even being on what looked like an ideal dose of levo (all test results A+, tsh below 1, t3/t4 top of range) never helped w hair regrowth, constipation or bloating, and it only helped fatigue a tiny bit.

    My hair began to come back after adding 10mcg t3 (and eventually reducing levo a little). You could see the short hairs poking up at my parting and my temples (which were always thin) got some coverage. Now after, Idk, a couple of years?, hair seems back to normal and I even have lashes and brows (though I top those up w cosmeceuticals). I had a setback about a year ago when I ended up undermedicated on a new ndt product, so now when I put my hair up I get a fuzzy halo of shorter hairs, but at least they're growing back.

  • Yes, Levo only. I'm new to this since last Sept and have been taking various doses. I was too high, now I'm right up the middle w/ < 1 TSH, but my ab's are still very high. But it seems 75-100 is probably the range for me. When I was taking too much T4 and had high T4 and upper range T3, this is when my hair began to thin out diffusely, I was also using Synthroid. I switched to Unithroid and it seemed to help....still thinner hair. But I have heard that these things could've been already in the works. It's frustrating. The symptoms lag behind good labs, it's hard to all take in. Interesting that you associate the T3 w/hair. The same place I ordered my NDT I saw they have "T3-Pro" but it's not available yet. I guess for those who either want to go T3 only or supplement T4. I hope NDT doesn't effect my antibodies and make them worse. This is what one doc said about it. But I see other Hashi's people using it and many say they felt better on NDT. I hope this is the case for me. Thanks for your input. Appreciate it.

  • Yes, the time lag thing is an issue. On the last occasion I didn't lose the bulk of the hair straight away but well after I'd gone hypo and it was a while before I had the test and found out how low I'd gone. The good growth has been sustained over the time I've been on t3, though it wasn't good when my t3 levels were good on levo alone. It's a mystery why that would be the case, but it seems fairly evident that my t3 levels must not only be good for hair growth, but that whatever is responsible for it isn't coming from the levo.

    I did a straw poll here re antibodies and ndt (my doc said something similar, that if your antibodies are high ndt won't suit) and evidently a number of folk here have high antibodies but still do well on ndt,

  • Plz inform me any reliable source where i can purchase naturethroid online without prescription. TIA

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