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Armour not working, need Nature-throid in Netherlands, help please anyone?

I was on Armour for 8 years. I have switched 1 time to Erfa but I got sick and returned to Armour, despite the high price. Since a few months the Armour is not working anymore, doctor told me to get Nature-throid as he heard good results from pple in Kroatia and Ukraine. I did my best to get it in the Netherlands, but it is impossible, as the international pharmacist is only allowed, according to the government, to trade in Armour and customs here destroy it, if I order it. I tried Thyreoïdum, from danish pigs but after 3 months I was so sick, I had to stop. Now I have only T4, levo (Thyrax) and I am cold, tired and sick. Is there anybody out there in England who can help me. I only need to order it and pay myself and send it to an address in England from US, and I will come and pick it up. I just don't know anybody in England. I have a prescription. I just want to have my live back. Please? Anyone?

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Hi you could try a website called parcel motel. They give you an english address and you can pick your parcel up in Ireland for a charge of about 4 euro :) Im just thinking that there might be something like that available for your country. Hope This Helps xx


Thank you. xxx


Hi Corinagrace,

I'm sorry to hear you are so ill at the moment. Other members will reply to your post with advice on your problem.

I will certainly offer any help I can, if it is the right thing to do.

I will get back to you.


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I take nature-throid and its fine for me. I get it on <site name removed as per forum guidelines>

is it not possible to use them


Try brown seaweed instead Wakame is good but as long as you are getting tyrosine and iodine into you then thats OK this is all that is in the pills as well as some toxins that they call fillers and binders. and cut out all soy and cruciferous vegetables until your thyroid corrects itself. you might also want to get some boron or borax into you as well this boosts the parathyroid.



Your response is seriously incorrect.

The desiccated thyroid products contain the actual thyroid hormones T4 and T3 in measured, controlled and declared quantities. And virtually no iodine other than as bonded in the thyroid hormone molecules.

Taking iodine is a different approach with lots of issues.

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OK maybe not enough information but you are falling into the trap that the doctors want you to, just taking a thyroid hormone replacement only treats the symptom not the cause this way solves the root problem which is a deficient liver as well as lack of minerals/nutrients.

Seaweed would clear her liver out as well as providing what the body needs for the thyroid not to swell in the first place Tyrosine and Iodine as well as the thyroid hormones that you think only come from a pig thyroid.

When the liver is not working it produces less Cholesterol and Lecithin which make the bile salts for the hormones that her thyroid is not using.

Iodine has been proven to work just as effectively as the synthetic drugs the doctors prescribe, now pig thyroid which is what the armour is made from may work short term but it will not fix the problem as well as the issue of breast cancer which then arises due to a lack of Iodine. Iodine is essential in making the hormones and deficiency is the cause of thyroid problems,

and using pig thyroid as a replacement instead of treating the cause is not the way we should be treating people.

Fix the liver provide the correct minerals and vitamins (you can only get a vitamin from food not a tablet) and you will fix the thyroid, the body is not rocket science although doctors want us to think it is and that they have some superior insight into it which is flawed from the start. I have been reading one of the textbooks that students use and within the first 30 odd pages I have found 3 lies one of which is that the liver cannot regenerate once it has only 25% of function left this is an outright lie as there are documented operations where 90% of the liver was cut out and within 3 months it was fully regenerated as long as the patient survived the operation these were carried out in the 1940s and 1950s so why are these books lying to people?

Acetic acid is another essential nutrient which is essential for production of Squalene which then leads to the creation of cholesterol.

here's an overview of the seaweed I would only take 3 grams once a day to start with then build up to 3 times a day listen to your body it will tell you what's right or not

Thyroxine and Tri-iodothyronine in Brown Seaweeds

T4 and T3 have been found as the main organically bound iodine compounds in several brown seaweeds, notably Laminaria sp. and Sargassum sp. Up to 10% of Lamiarian iodine may be in MIT, DIT, T3, orT4. Even more in the less commoinly available Sargassum (less commercially available; it is a rapidly expanding invasive of all temperate coasts; this may be good news for thyroid sufferers.) (Kazutosi 2002).


Thank you all for replying me, you are all great people. These things are not solved overnight, but I will finally get there, and I feel supported by you all.


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