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My latest blood test results

Hi all

I have had my latest blood test results, they are:

TSH - 0.42 mlu/L - range 0.27 - 4.20

Free Triiodothyronine - 5.00 pmol/L - range 3.9 - 6.7

Free Thyroxine - 19.7 pmol/L - range 12.7 - 20.8

Anti-TPO - >1000 IU/mL - range <100

The other antibody test is normal but I didn't write this down!

Vitamin D - 42.5 nmol/L - insufficient

The anti-TPO has risen from 360 to over 1000 (they haven't given the exact number) in the last 6 months and my doctor has reluctantly prescribed 800 IU of vitamin D a day (reluctantly because he still thinks that my lack of vitamin D is due to my lifestyle and not getting enough sun!)

I think I have hashimotos and other people on here and elsewhere also think the same but if all the other blood tests are normal (assuming they are from above readings) how do I get the doctors to prove hashimotos one way or the other and treat me accordingly?

What other blood tests should I ask for to help prove there is something wrong and that it's not all in my head. Would a scan of my thyroid help to diagnose?

Thanks everyone

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That dose of vitamin D3 is not going to make much difference to you. It takes me 2000iu just to keep my levels steady over the winter when we can't get vit D from sunshine as it the sun is too low in the sky - if you sat outside all day in the nude in the UK you still wouldn't get any vit D between October and April (maybe longer) - a doctor should know that, and if your lifestyle (indoor day job or night shift, for example) prevents you from getting enough vitamin D in the summer, that's not going to change unless you go on the dole. I'd buy my own decent quality vitamin D at least 1000iu and take at least 2000iu per day.

The rest sounds as good as it could be. How do you feel?


I don't feel to bad at the moment, not normal but ok. A little shaky over the last few days but I get this on occasions, with me this seems to be a sign of a downward spiral for a month or two! I've basically been tired and light headed everyday for 2 years and all other symptoms of hypo and hyper seem to come and go!

Thanks for advice about Vit D I will get my own.


The above website is American so the measurements are different. You divide your VitD result by 2.5 which gives 17 - so you can see how much D you need to take to raise it to the suggested level of 60. So around 4000IU's would be a reasonable dose. Take it with your main meal that includes some healthy fats.

Your TFT's do look good apart from the antibodies. Having anti-bodies does suggest Hashimotos. I was diagnosed in 2005 - the TFT's were all in range but the anti-bodies were high. Yes a scan was done and revealed many if you can have a scan it should help to move towards a diagnosis and treatment.

GP's for some reason have difficulties with auto-immune conditions. Am I right in assuming you are quite young - which may indicate the Hashimotos is in the early stages and the thyroid is still working well.

Do you have any gut issues which could be causing the raised anti-bodies ?


I'm 41 which I like to think is young!! yes I do think I have some gut issues, how will this raise the anti-bodies?


....I have Hashimotos - and am trying to reduce my anti-bodies from diagnosis in 2005. I was 59. They are still high. I have Crohns ( diagnosed over 40 years ago ) and went gluten free over 15 months ago. Recent tests revealed my anti-bodies have only reduced a little in 9 years which was disappointing as I have read that going GF has healed the gut for many - and helps to reduce the anti-bodies. So I keep thinking there is a cross-over with the Crohns in some way....or I have some other issue with lactose/dairy which I have not excluded as yet. Just love my cheese :-)

The above link is your earlier post/thread which may have some ideas worth re-visiting :-)

Of course you are still young :-)


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