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Cramp and hard muscles

This is driving me nuts!

I've got constant tight hard calf muscles. Any time I go for a walk they pull. And cramp in my hands and feet.

I'm certain this is either me reacting to WP Thyroid (been on it for three weeks and had cramping and numbness/prickliness in hands and feet ever since - though feel great it all other ways (was on Armour that didn't suit before so not starting with no T3 at that start of three weeks.) Could it be the T3 finally getting into muscle cells after all these years (I'm short on one DIO2).

Or, could it be to do with the other supplements?

I've got pernicious anaemia in my family, had my large intestine removed, and have SIBO so although last B12 was up around 800 mark I think it was a false high due to SIBO. So I've been taking high doses of Jarrow B12 5000mcg. 4 or 5 a day. I've felt so much more energised but the cramps are worse now.

I've run out of the brand of iron I was taking SAN Iron & Ester C (wonder if this could be a factor) and instead am taking Douglas Labs Time Release Iron and separate Ester C pill with it. I'm pretty sure the iron is the culprit so could anyone recommend a good iron that'll be kind on my gut? As you can imagine with all my surgery my gut output etc is a big issue for me.

I have to order the SAN brand (prescribed by Belgian doc from Europe) so if anyone can recommend a better option, I'll try it.

I'm taking Zinc, K2, D3, Borage oil (and other fish oils etc) and Magnesium l-Threornate and B3 (plus intermittently a B-complex to supply other B vits) so I don't think those deficiencies are the cause.

Any ideas I'd be ever so grateful!


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ScotLondon, try narrowing down when the cramps started & when you switched to WP & when the SAN iron ran out. Are you getting enough salt? Low salt causes cramps.

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I noticed it when I took the WP but I'm certain that I'd started supplementing with the B12 by then. Which seems to highlight the iron deficiency.

The fact I had to change brands of iron definitely coincides with the cramps worsening. So could do with upping, iron I think.

Can I ask which brands everyone's using?

My folate at last test was in range (550ug/L (140-628))

Iron (57ug/dl) (40-150))

TIBC 279ug/dL (300-400))

%transferrin saturation 20.43% (25-50))

Ferritin 37ug/L (50-170:opt))

Seems I'm low on ferritin and transferrin saturation...?

Gawd, the muscles are cramping just sitting here.

This isn't a salt issue, I'm sure. Take plenty.


Scot, I'm not good on iron but this link may help

Ferrous Fumarate is usually recommended but can be hard on the gut. Some members recommend Iron bisglycinate, gentler but effective. Take each iron tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation.


Thanks Clutter,

Really glad you told me about the fumarate's side effects. Will keep to the bisglycinate.

I totally botched up with my screen name - If actually Scottish not male and called Scot ;-)

Is it possible for me to change the screen name out of interest?

Thanks so much for your help,

Zena x


Oh bloomin heck!!! Just read your link.

I have tonnes of inflammation! Will keep the iron to the recommended dose by doctor for now. That's quite alarming!

Thanks sooooooo much for giving me that link too.


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