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Blood test results...advice pls

The receptionist at our doctors begrudgingly gave me my results today...she wasn't going to and said I needed to book a telephone consultation with the doctor to check it was ok for her to print them out! I told her that I'd just write them down then and she did it. Not sure what I need to put down so will put them goes...

Serum vitamin B12- 227 ng/L

Serum folate- 4.1 ug/L

Serum oestradiol level- 732 pmol/L

Serum FSH Level- 19.7 iu/L

Serum LH Level- 26.6 iu/L

Serum TSH Level- 3.4 miu/L

Serum free T4 level- 16.8 pmol/L

Serum free T3 level- 4 pmol/L

I have got some others as had liver function, FBC and B12 folate all at the same time.

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Hi Nicky, you haven't put any history in your Profile so I wasn't sure if you had been diagnosed. By looking at a few of your posts I see you have been on levo for 3 years so obviously you are diagnosed.

Others who are better at 'bloods' than me will respond but your TSH is far too high for you to feel well at all. Email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft, in which he states how low our TSH could go to feel well or the addition of some T3.

Your B12 is too low (although there are no ranges) so I would supplement with sublingual B12 methylcobalamin. You can buy through Amazon if you use the affiliate link:-

I believe your T3 is also low. Next time you see GP ask him to give the receptionist permission to print our your results as you want them for your own records. (you can then post them if you have a query).


My B12 range says 190-700. My doctor did put me on folic acid after these results and said I'd got enlarged red blood cells but she said everything else was fine.


Has GP not investigated 'large red blood cells'. She/he should refer you to a haematologist. Usually large red blood cells are indicative of pernicious anaemia and I believe folic acid can 'mask' PA. I think you should have a referral before you begin folic acid. I am not medically qualified but have PA.


She gave me the prescription for the folic acid and told me to book in to have my bloods redone in 3 months. On my results it says MCV 98.1 fl (78.0 -96.0). I really wish I understood all the results but I don't have a clue! It's also got a ! next to eosinophil count?? Thanks for helping by the way.


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