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Blood results

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this post, but as I have hashimoto's I thought someone may be able to goes....

TSH is 4.02 (has been static since about November, doc has now prescribed T3 but supply is low where I live so waiting for that, currently on 100 mcg Thyroxine)

I had complete blood count, ferritin, folate, calcium and vit d tested yesterday to investigate why my TSH level is stuck at around 4.

RBC : 3.65 (3.80 - 5.80)*

WBC : 6.77 (4.00 - 11.00)

HGB : 11.6 (12.00 - 14.50)*

HCT : 36.00 (36 - 46)*

MCV 98.7 (80 - 100)*

MCH : 31.7 (27 - 32)*

MCHC 32.1 (31.5 - 34.5)

RDW : 12.9 (11.6 - 14.80)

PLT : 319 (150-450)

Differential Leukocyte Count

#NEUT 3.02 (2 -7)

#LYMPH 2.76 (1.50 - 4)

#MONO 0.38 (0.2-1)

#EOS 0.37 (0.02 - 0.5)

# BASO 0.06 (0 - 0.2)

#LUC 0.18 (0 - 0.5)

#NRBC 0 (0-0.2)

%LYMPH 40.7 (20-40)*

%NEUT 44.6 (40-70)

% MONO 5.6 (2-10)

%EOS 5.5 (1-6)

%BASO 0.9 (0-2)

%LUC 2.7 (0-5)

%NRBC 0 (0-2)

Folate Serum 10.1 (3 - 17)

Ferritin 29.9 (10-291)

Vit D 43 (30-100)

Calcium 2.4 (2.23-2.58)

* The points I have placed an * against are the ones I am a little concerned about.

Comments stated by the lab on the results sheet were as follows:

..."Hb concentration RBCs count and RBCs indices show mild normocytic normochromic anemia. Total WBCs is within normal ranges, with differential count show relative lymphocytosis platelets are adequate."

Can anyone tells me what this means? My follow up appointment is not for another 6 weeks.

Thanks in advance!

(p.s. I am 31 years old, in case this info is required).

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Your ferritin is rock bottom; is your B12 also low, as that could explain some of other results? Your D is also too low.


Thanks, I assumed ferritin was ok as it was within 'normal' range but I see it is low now looking at the range. I was prescribed iron yesterday before the test so will start taking these.

I was tested for b12 a couple of months ago. It was low but within range. I haven't been prescribed anything but will buy some supplements tomorrow.

Thank you both for the advice.


I had low ferritin (which is a measure of your iron stores), and low levels for RBC, HGB, and HCT. Improving my iron levels improved all of them. My RBC and ferritin are now close to mid-range, and the HGB and HCT are about a third of the way through the range. So, if you need advice about iron supplements, just ask. Supermarket supplements won't cut it, the dose is far too low.

Like Angel_of_the_North I would also be suspicious of your B12 level. Please ask for this to be tested, but don't supplement until you know your results and know how bad or good they are. Supplementing B12 before testing makes the results very unreliable, and it can hide cases of Pernicious Anaemia. So check with people here first, before taking B12 supplements.

Your Vitamin D level is also rather low - but I'm dubious about the reference range you've been given. What are the units?


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