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Thyroidless help with results - please

Hi, was wondering if anyone can help me with these results :-

TSH 3.7 (0.35-5.5)

FT4 13 (10-23)

FT3 4 (3.5-6.5)

I'm thyroidless following surgery for Graves 6 years ago. Been suffering with anxiety, dizziness, palpitations, fatigue and insomnia. Calcium in normal range, i have hypoparathyroidism as well - just to complicate things!

Endo says everything is fine - and it must be something else.

Any thoughts?

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dibdab, Ask for a second opinion or get a new endo. TSH 3.7 is within range but is no means optimal and means you are undermedicated. Most people are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0 and with FT4 and FT3 higher in range, ideally over half way and in, or near, the top 75% of range. Read Dr. A. Toft's comments about dosing and thyroid levels Email if you want a full copy of the article to show your endo or GP.

You probably experienced the symptoms you outline above when you were hyper but they are often indicative of undertreated hypothyroidism too.

I thought calcium and vitamin D had to be closely balanced in hypoparathyroid patients. There is an interesting article in Medscape about mood disorder and hypoparathyroidism


Thanks clutter. To be honest it was worrying me that the symptoms seemed more reminiscent of my hyper days. I think I've reached the end of the road with this endo as he believes that as all the levels are normal then there's nothing he can offer. Even told me my positive chvostek sign wasnt down to low calcium !

Thanks x


No, things are not fine. Your T4 and T3 are only just withing range, and if you have had Graves' there is a strong possibility that you have a degree of thyroid hormone resistance and could need the results for T4 and T3 at the top of the range.

Are you on Levothyroxine only? I suspect so, in which case you really could find the addition of some T3 to be beneficial.

I have to confess that I am not very clued up on hypoparathyroidism, hope that someone else can help with that.

Marie XX


Thanks Marie. Yes you're right no t3, its never been offered. I seem to be quite sensitive to changes in levo dose slight changes seemed to bounce my levels about - i currently take 150 on mondays, thursdays and sundays, 125 on other days. All taken first thing on an empty stomach away from other meds.

Its difficult to balance both conditions as the symptoms cross over so much.



I'm thyroid less too, and had all your symptoms whilst "optimally" treated on Levothyroxine only. I kept telling my GP that my meds weren't right. It was a nightmare for 2 years. I asked for T3. I asked for NDT. I was referred to a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with joint hyper mobility syndrome, and put on Amitryptoline!! I didn't even collect the prescription.

I bought myself some T3 and started to feel better. I told the GP what I'd done, and asked for a prescription. I was told "I'd lose my job if I did that".

I then thought that NDT would be worth a try, so I bought some, and most of the symptoms you describe have disappeared completely. I have a life back. All totally against the doctors orders, but I know how my body feels better than they do.


Thank you. I will pursue t3 with the new endo.


run grom that idiot endo fast

Your TSH is far too high just as your T4 and T3 are far too low

Theres old Swedish research which found that Graves patients post thyroidectomy or RAI have bodies so sensitised to such high levels of thyroid hormone they can never again function on the " normal " range

My husband is living proof

You need more thyroid meds and preferably NDT so if you cant get your GP to help then order your own and self treat as so many on here do


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