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Help with results

I posted several days ago with my results but did not get any response so I am posting them again hoping someone can advise me.

THS 0.54 (0.35 - 6.00)

Free T4 22.1 (9.0 - 26.0)

Free T3 4.0 (2.8 - 7.1)

Ferritin 155 (15 - 350)

B12 642 (191 - 663)

Folate Haemolysed

Vit D 29 (>50)

Adjusted Calcium 2.13 (2.10 - 2.58)

I had my thyroid removed some years ago due to nodules

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Well the free t3 is a bit lw compared with the free t4. And the d3 is too low.

How do you feel? I am guessing tired with aches and pains? You probably need some t3 or at any rate there may be room to increase t4 and assist the conversion by adding some selenium .

What are you currently taking?



What exactly are you asking? Do you have symptoms of being hypo and what medication dose are you on?


I just wondered if I need to ask endo/GP to increase medication. Endo won't give me T3 or change levo. Says my ranges are okay. Am on 100/75 levo alternate days. Alphacalcidol .25mg. ( parathyroids damaged). Adcal D3. I can be fine for a month or so then get fatigue, heavy tired eyes, and at times breathless, ringing in ears, woosy headed and just know my blood pressure has shot up. This happens usually after a busy (???) day. Never used to get like that. Can last 2 or 3 days or more then feel okay again. Oh 1 Adcal D3 a day.


Might be an idea to get your magnesium tested.


Thanks grey goose. Is that something the GP would consider or will I have to have it done privately?


That I really couldn't say. I'm afraid you'll just have to ask him. It is possible but I believe it's rather costly, so who knows whether he'll be willing to do it or not.


I had TT 8 years ago and I know just what you are describing, except mine comes more often. I am lucky to get a few clear weeks and my aches and other symptoms are also after I have been doing too much. Btw that is half of what I used to do, before TT. I do take T3 and it helps to get rid of the aches, which are the first signs for me but it is not helping with stamina. Nevertheless if were you, I would ask GP for a trial period of 100 T4 every day and see if things improve. If not, ask for referral to an Endo to try T3. Also take a supplement of D3. I just buy my own - not worth the hassle of asking your GP for it. Humphrey posted today about a study in 1995 showing T4 not being adequate in thyroidectomised rats. Nothing happened of course but it might be worth printing it for your GP. Good luck.


Many thanks Hennerton sorry to hear you are still suffering. Will try and get my GP to adjust dose. Is it okay to add D3 myself even though Endo has put me on AdCal D3? Galathea, I am having 2 Brazil nuts a day to help with selenium. I go through phases of painful legs, especially shins and also hips and ankle! Need to keep them really warm.


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The bone pains rather suggest a lack of vitamin d3.... I would ask for a test to measure your levels.... If its not forthcoming, you can get one yourself by dealing direct with the Nhs lab in Birmingham.... Its about £25 and I am sure there are details under testing on the web site.

Xx. G


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